8 Easy Steps Of Writing Research Proposal

Writing a research proposal can be very tuff for someone who doesn’t know the way to write it. If you also don’t have any idea on writing the proposal, then you are at right place.

Proposal is the detailed information on any activity or research which presented in a specific format which clears all the concepts of the reader.

In this blog, we are going to guide you on 8  Easy Steps Of Writing  Research Proposal along with amazing trick which you will not forget in your life.

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For writing research  proposal you have to remember a word which gives all the headings and sub-headings of proposal.
The word  to remember is :- TIPOLIMER

So, the research proposal starts with Title and ends with a References.


Lets discuss all the points in brief:-


The title is the identity of the proposal. The topic in which you are writing a proposal is explained by title.


So, Title should be meaningful and short. You should select a title which gives an idea on what the proposal is.


The title should not be too long or too short.
An ideal title can be one and half line long.

For example:-

It shouldn’t be like:-  A detailed study increase in population of Maize(zea mays), in south  east Asia due to increased use of chemical fertilizer resulting in dangerous health issues of many people.(Too long)
:- Study of  population of maize(Too short)
It can be written as:- Detailed study on relation of  fertilizer use to increase maize population and human health in south east Asia.


In introduction, one should provide the background of the topic as well as defination of that topic.


You should give the information of the question like:-What is your research area?
Motivation of research?


One should also mention the importance of the research area.


In problem associated, you should give the information about the problems in your research area that need to be addressed.

Basically, you should give the information of why?? Why are you writing the proposal in this area??


There must be the certain problem in that area which wasn’t covered by other. So, you are writing a proposal. So, provide that problem.



There must be certain objectives of your research that should be mentioned in your research proposal under this heading.


In simple words, Objectives  provides the list of goals that will be achieved  through the research.


You should also mention the benefits that the people will get if this research is conducted.

You should also give the answer of why this research is important?


In literature review you should provide  a brief  explantion of previous research on this topic.


You should also mention, the strength and weakness of their research.You should mention their findings also.


You should also mention the additional information that your  research has addressed that have never been addressed before in any reaserch proposal of this topic.


You should list out the points that only your research can provide though other have been conducted already.You should give the information of why your research is still necessary?



In this heading, you should provide the information of how you gonna conduct the research on that area.

You should mention how you going to answer the questions.


You should also mention which method you have used to conduct the research weather it is Survey or Modeling or Case study.
You should also mention the time period of research.


The things that need to be add on this section are:-
a.Schedule table
b.Graphs and bars
c.Budgeting table(Realistic and legitimate expenses)

7.CONCLUSION*(*=Not mentioned in trick word)

In conclusion, you should provide the information about what you expect your research will contribute to?


You have to give information how your findings will solve the problem associated with that research area.



The last and very important part in writing a Research proposal is References.
In this section, you should mention all the sources from where you have collected the information.


In simple words, if you have used any information provided the another person then you should give credit to orginal author under references.


If you collect information from book, you should mention the name of author.


If you used information which is originally related to other, then you are called as academic thief. It is somehow like plagiarism.

These are the steps of writing research proposal.

This is whole information on 8  Easy Steps Of Writing  Research Proposal.

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