Seedless Strawberries: Do They Exist?

Seedless Strawberries Strawberry is one of the world’s most loved small pulpy fruits. As the 21st century progresses, its popularity is increasing. Many people enjoy eating it. However, some complain about its seeds being prickly. For this reason, the demand for seedless strawberries has grown. The question is, do seedless strawberries exist? Unfortunately, no. It … Read more

AFU Bsc Ag Entrance Result 2078 [Merit List]

AFU Bsc Ag Entrance Result 2078 The Agriculture And Forestry University, Rampur Chitwan has taken the entrance exam for bsc ag on 18 Mangsir, 2078. Almost 2488 students appeared in entrance exam and only students were able to secure their seat. Agriculture And Forestry University is a only technical university in the country with Central … Read more

Climate Change, Its Impact And Adaptation In Nepal

The climate on Earth is changing, this is undeniable. Presently, climate change is a major concern for the whole world, and Nepal is no exception. Everyyear, international conferences are held and billions of dollars are spent on tackling this global issue. Those of you who don’t know about the climate and how it is changing, … Read more

Emasculation In Plants: Meaning and Example

Emasculation In Plants Emasculation In Plants is the process of removal of male reproductive part (Anther) from a perfect (Bisexual) flower without damaging the female reproductive part (Pistil). It is the third step in hybridization of plants after Selection(1st Step) and Evaluation(2nd Step) of parents. In bisexual flower, male reproductive part is called Stamen (Anther+Filament) … Read more

Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs Examples

Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs Examples In Real Life And Buisness, Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Importance, Concept Of Hierarchy Of Needs Maslow’s Hierarchy Of Needs Maslow’s theory explains learning something that can be used as a tool to satisfy our needs. Learning is an ongoing process of acquiring relatively permanent knowledge through study, instructions or experience. Certain … Read more

6 Best Examples Of Runner Plants (With Pictures)

Runner Plants Runner plant is a sub aerial modification of the stem. Sub-aerial means some part of this modification is in air while some part is in contact with soil. There are generally 4 sub aerial modifications of the stem namely, Runners, Suckers, Stolons and Offsets. In runner, the lower branch of the plant bends … Read more

Plantation Crops: Examples, Classification And Importance

Plantation Crop Plantation Crops are the perennial commercial crops of tropical and subtropical climate which are cultivated on an extensive scale in contiguous areas managed by an individual or a company, requiring care throughout the year and the products of which are consumed only after processing. Some examples are: Tea, Coffee, Coca, Coconut, Cashews, Rubber … Read more

17 Innovative Land Preparation Tools And Their Functions

Land Preparation Tools Land Preparation is the first step of any commercial farming. It includes cleaning of land, removing large stones, burning previous crops stubble, levelling, reclamation, making ridges, furrows, planking and Many More. This step is labour intensive and costly. For this, we use different land preparation tools. In traditional farming methods, people use … Read more

3 Different Methods Of Irrigation

Irrigation is the process of supply of additional water to the crops through different irrigation channels. There are different methods of irrigation with their own advantages and disadvantages. Billions of people around the world are involved in Agriculture. For this, Irrigation is crucial. Without water we can’t produce food grains. However, Due to lack of … Read more