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In this blog, we will discuss on idea of making Agriculture as full time job in ones life. So, read the article till end.

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Full-Time Farmer

If somebody ask you a question, “what is the future of Agriculture?“, your answer must be “Its great. It is the only sector whose products demand will always increase no matter what happens in world”.

But have you ever thought of doing Agriculture as your full time job?? probably you haven’t. If  you have, then you are different than other people in some extent.

From all these, there occurs a question, why people don’t want to make an Agriculture a full time job?

Well, there may be many reasons behind this. Some of the major reasons  are:

1.Agriculture isn’t considered a respectful occupation in most part of the world. 

However, there are some countries where the people involved in Agriculture are highly respected.

 In most part of the word, Rich people don’t get involved in Agriculture. This has created  a primitive thought that the Agriculture is for poor people. That is why many people don’t make Agriculture as their passion.

2.Low income generation

In this modern society of high profile jobs with monthly package in millions, people are never interested in generating income from Agriculture.

We have seen mainy failures in Agriculture. Most of the people involved in Agriculture aren’t able to solve their hand mouth problem.
This has developed a thought that we can’t earn from Agriculture. That is why, people can’t quit their 9 to 5 job and make Agriculture as their full time job.

3..We thought that Agriculture needs more Area.
We have always seen that if you want to generate lots of income  from agriculture then it should be done in large area. That is why we have developed a thought that of not generating the income from the land we have and we don’t get involved in Agriculture. It is right to some extent. What do you think(Comment us)?

4.Labourious work
The people of modern generation wants success and money with short-cut. They don’t want to work hard. They are always seeking for easy way .

As we know, Agriculture can never be an easy way to succed. It needs hard work and patience. Agriculture wants sweat but people don’t want to sweat anymore. That is  they don’t make Agriculture as their full time job.

5.Not as secure as a Job
Most of the world’s population is involved in doing jobs for many companies. The reason behind this is, they don’t have risk. They are going to get their salary at every months end. But, In Agriculture there are risk. And of course people don’t want risk in their way.
That is why they can’t make Agriculture as full time job.

The main reason of writing this article is to motivate you, infact to enlighten you that the Agriculture can be made a full time job.

I will not call it Job, i will rather call it a full time passion. Agriculture can be the healthy way of living in this tedious and boring life of modern world.

Now i am giving you the reasons how and why you should make an Agriculture a full time passion. So, let’s begin……

1. A healthy way of living
We know that, everybody wants a healthy life. We want to have a long life. But in this modern world where people are in direct contact with polluted air, water, contaminated foods, chemicals, toxic chemicals, posionious gases there is no chance of living a healthy life.

Most of the people have consumed different types of medicine due to different problems.

The main reasons behind these things are:-

1.we are living in a polluted and crowded city where there is no peace of mind.

2.We are consuming foods which have been preserved in chemicals.

3.We are bound to do a very tedious job and we aren’t able to give ourselves a better time.

In this scenario, doing Agriculture can be the wise choice.

The reason is:-  If we make our mindset of doing Agriculture. We actually leaves those crowded city. We goes to peri-urban or village area where there is availability of fallow land.
Leaving cities will instantly takes you near to mother nature. This will have very positive impact in your life for longer period of time.

While working in field and growing different food crops and vegetables, you will receive an exercise automatically. You become close to life while doing agriculture. You can see the whole life growing infront of you.

Besides, this your mind will also get relaxed and gets aesthetic pleasure. You will be free from time bound. You will be free to work the way you like.

While growing crops, you can directly consume foods from your own garden. This will make your life very healthy.

Thus we can say Agriculture is healthy way of living.

Now let’s talk about some ideas that will solve the problems of above questions.

1.Income generation
Agriculture can be the perfect way of generating huge amount of income. There is high potential of generating money by doing Agriculture.let’s discuss some ideas to generate income from agriculture:-

a.You can do dairy farms in scientific way. The demand of milk is very high in the market. You can start a cow farm or buffalo farm.

Not only milk, you can process that milk and can make other diary products such as ghee, cheese, sweets and many more. These types of products have very high demand in market from which you can earn in millions.

b.You can start a vegetable farm. In present context, many people are producing vegetables by using chemicals but i recommended you to do organic vegetable farming.

Nowadays, people are highly health conscious. They spend lots of money on healthy products. If you produce organic vegetables, then you can sell them in a bit higher price and there is no market problem. It will also gives you satisfaction that you are creating healthy life.

There are many other these type of ideas from which you can start.

In this way you can generate lots of money fron Agriculture.

Here in this article, we are providing the way from which you can generate income in regular basis from Agriculture.

This is by doing Multi-layer system of farming which is discussed below:-

multilayer farming system is an agricultural system in which we plant four different types of crops on same land and at same time which matures at different height and in different time.

That means we can harvest one crop as it matures. The other crop matures at another time. In this way, we can harvest the products continuosly all round the year and we can generate the income.

For detailed information on multilayer system of farming please refer to our post:-Multi-Layer farming system-Guides, Challenges, Benefits…

Thus, it is concluded that we can generate regular income Agriculture also.

I have a thought that, one should involve in Agriculture directly or indirectly because we get to learn a lot of things from Agriculture.

I highly recommend people to atleast produce the vegetable by themselves for their family consumption.

The best way to do this, is by doing kitchen gardening. This will saves our money as well as we get to consume fresh vegetables at anytime.

If you have any thoughts on Agriculture, please comment below.
Thank you for visiting us😊.

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