Aloe Vera Farming Process And Benefits

Aloevera farming

Aloevera with thousands of use is now  being popular among different farmers.
Aloevera is fleshy plant which is small in size and produces many fleshy succulent leaves.
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It is use in medicine industry,  cosmetic, oil industry. So, its demand is also high in market and we can earn good profit in Aloevera farming.
Many national and multinational companies buy these aloevera for different manufacturing process. So, we don’t need to worry about its market.

Aloevera is such plant which can be harvested for about 5 years by planting it only once. So, it has large profit.
While doing aloevera farming we need to know about different things.

1.Growing method

Aloevera can be grown by sowing seeds, Baby aloevera plant or by leaf cutting of aloevera.
The seeds of aloevera plant are bit expensive, 
so, we recommend you to do panting by using baby plant or by leaf cutting.


For aloevera cultivation, we need sandy soil. This soil is porous and don’t retain more water.

Clayey soil of field is not good for aloevera cultivation because it doesn’t grow well in clayey soil.

Soil test should be done before aloevera cultivation and reclamation of land should be done according to soil test results.

3.Planting time

In january, we should make our field preparation.

Aloevera grows well in less manure also but i recommend you to use good amount of manure to get large production.

4.Planting area and planting distance

Aloevera doesn’t occupy more space. We can cultivate aloevera in small area for home use or we can cultivate it in large area for commercial purpose.

Generally, In area of one 1 acre  land we can plant up to10,000 plants. This is the optimum number of plants from which we can generate good profit in 1 acre land.

When we talk about the planting distance of Aloevera, plant to plant distance and row to row distance are given below:-

1.Plant-plant distance = 2ft
2.Row-Row distance = 2ft
That is ( 2*2ft ) is planting distance for aloevera.

5.Baby plant production

After one year of planting aloevera, it produces more aloevera. It is highly regenerative, so we can ge baby plants aftter one year of planting.

From 1 plant, we can get up to (4-6) baby plants.
From 1 acre land, we can get up to 30,000 baby aloevera plant in one year.


After planting once, we can harvest Aloevera for 5 times.
First harvesting is done after (11-12) months of planting.
After 1st harvest of aloevera, the successive harvesting is done regularly after 6 months.
So,We can harvest aloevera for about 9 times by planting once.

Production amount of Aloevera

From one Aloevera plant, we can harvest (4-7) kilos of aloevera leaf in one year.

In first year, we can harvest about (40-50) tons in 1 acre land.
In second year, production increases by (15-20)%.  This is because the upper leafs gets more and plant also becomes mature.


In about 1 acre land by planting about 10,000 aloevera we can generate up to (2-3) lakhs of net profit.

We can produce more aloevera by using different scientific techniques and we can also generate more income.
As we know, we can harvest aloevera 5 times by planting it once, our investment cost get greatly reduced in successive years and we can get large profit.
We can also sell baby aloevera plant from the first year of harvesting. So, we can generate income from there also.
The price of aloevera depends upon the quality of aloevera leaves and the market demand.
There are many companies which do buy back agreement of aloevera, so we don’t need to wory about its selling.
So, this is all about Aloevera farming.
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Uses and Benefits of Aloevera

1. Aloevera is used in cosmetic industry to produce different types of beauty products, creams, jel.
2. Aloevera is used in medicinal purposes.
3.Aloevera is used to soften the dry skin.
4.It is very useful to protect skin from direct sunlight.
5. Drinking aloevera juice before eating will help to reduce acidity in drastic way.
6.It is also applied in arthritis and piles.

7.It also increases blood and it slows degeneration of cells and you look young.

This is all information on  Ultimate guide to Aloe Vera farming।। Cultivation and Benefits.


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