60 Examples Of Monocot And Dicot Plants

Examples Of Monocot And Dicot Plants:- Plants are the precious gift of mother nature for al the l living beings. They are source of life. Some of the plants produce flower and some doesn’t. Some falls to lower class during classification while some are included in higher class. Most accepted system of classification has separated … Read more

Rinsed Rice Water For Plants: Using Procedure And Benefits

Rinsed Rice Water For Plants Rinsed Rice Water For Plants:- Rice is the staple of world’s half population. Billions of people are consuming it on regular basis. If you have cooked rice, you first clean it with water, don’t you? I have no doubt you do. After rinsing the rice, you throw that rice Water in … Read more

20 Plants That Produce Oxygen At Night

Plants Producing Oxygen At Night If you are here, then – you must be wandering if there are plants that produce oxygen at night or not. We know all that plant produces oxygen by the help of biological process of Photosynthesis. Photosynthesis occurs in presence of light.   Plant uses CO2 and water in presence … Read more

Amensalism: Definition, Types And Examples Of Amensalism

Amensalism Amensalism is a type of biological interaction between two organisms or two species in which one is neither benefited or destroyed while other organism suffer loss i.e Destroyed or Inhibited. It is a type of (0,-) interaction. Here – ‘0’ Means no effect and ‘-‘ Means negative effect. In general, It isn’t considered an … Read more

[PDF] TNPSC Agriculture Officer Exam Question Paper, Study Material And Syllabus

TNPSC Agriculture Officer (AO)Exam Questions 2021 And Study Material TNPSC Agriculture Officer Exam  Question Paper, study material and syllabus:-Tamilnadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) has issued an vacancies for 365 candidates for the post of Agriculture Officer (Extension) through their office online portal i.e tnpsc.gov.in. for the year 2021. Candidates who are interested in giving exam … Read more