Baby Corn Benefits And Farming

Baby Corn Corns are very much familier to all of us. All of us have tasted corn once in a lifetime. Now, we started hearing about Baby Corn. Baby Corn Farming In this blog we are going to give detailed information on Baby Corn farming and its Benefits.   Introduction Most of us don’t know … Read more

What is deadheading?-Process and Benefits

Deadheading Deadheading is one the most important horticultural practices which is done mostly on flowers to get high quality output. ☑️Deadheading can be simply defined as the process of removing the old spent blooms and seed  pods from flowers which ultimately increases more blooming. Deadheading Deadheading is basically a simple pruning technique which can be … Read more

What is Dragon fruit?-Cultivation and Benefits

Dragon Fruit Cultivation Dragon fruit is also known as “cactus fruits” or “pitana“. Dragon fruit is tropical and sub-tropical plant.It is native to south America. About 100-150  years, spanish people took it to Vietnam. In Vietnam, people use dragon fruit as a decorative plant. When they intially taste its fruit, they like the taste. Then … Read more

How To Grow Large Roses?- 6 Tips You Must Know

Large Rose Flowers Rose is one of the most beautiful flower that many people grow in thier home for aesthetic beauty. Some people and companies grow rose for commercial purpose like to make bouquet. For all use of rose and beauty, large sized rose is very much attractive and liked by everyone. Grow Large Roses … Read more

Mealy bugs problem:-Easiest remedy at home

Mealybug or white insects problem Mealybug is a small white insects that destroy our crops. Its size is very small but it can cause big problems to our crops. Many people are worried about mealybug problem in their crops. Mealy bugs problem and solution So, Today we are going to discuss the effective and easiest … Read more

Nutrient deficiency syndrome shown by maize leaves

Nutrient deficiency syndrome in maize Different plants show different symptoms to different nutrient deficiency. In this blog, we have provided the detailed information on nutrient deficiency syndrome in maize. These nutrient deficiency symptoms shown by maize plant can be easily identified by observing their leaves. Different nutrient deficiency symptoms is shown by maize leaf which … Read more