Agricultural Jobs In India With Salary।।Bsc Agriculture Jobs

Agricultural Jobs in India: A student of bachelor level always thought about the jobs they will get after finishing the course. The same case is in Bsc Agriculture.   In this article, We have provided a detailed information on Indian Agricultural jobs with salary.   ” An agricultural life is one eminently calculated for human … Read more

Krishi Bikash Bank Lokshewa Questions(2067-2074)BS

Agricultural Development Bank Nepal all questions In this blog post, we have provided all the lokshewa aayog questions of krishi bikash bank (NADB) from the year 2067BS TO 2074BS. We have provided these question papers in pdf form. Krishi bikash bank all question You can get the pdf of all question by clicking here👉ALL QUESTIONS. … Read more

Scientific and common name of ornamental plants and flowers with pictures

Scientific and common name of ornamental plants and flowers Hey there! Welcome to our new blog post! In this blog, we have provided you with scientific and common name of ornamental plants, flowers and foliage along with their pictures.   We all know that remembering scientific names of plants is always difficult by only memorizing … Read more

Seed dormancy and germination-plant physiology

Seed dormancy and seed germination seed dormancy and seed germination are the crucial steps in a life cycle of a plant. Having detailed knowledge about seed dormancy and seed germination can helps us to know physiology of plants and helps us to increase our production. Seed dormancy and seed germination   This article is divided into 2 … Read more

Casting Of Animals: Cattle & Buffalo Casting

Casting Of Animals Casting of animals refers to the controlled throwing of an animal on the ground by exerting a  pressure on its muscle and nerves with the help of casting ropes.   It becomes necessary to cast the animal on ground for various purposes like Surgery, Shoeing, Branding, Hoof cutting,Vaccinating, Tagging, castration and During … Read more

Best 4 Methods Of Identification Of Animals

Identification Of Animals Identification Of Animals is defined as the process of marking animals for their easy and scientific care and management. There are different method of identification of animals such as Branding, Tagging,Tattooing and Ear notching.   Identification is primary requirement of animals for their improvement. It helps in keeping and ultimately in knowing the … Read more