Broadcasting Method Of Sowing In Agriculture

Broadcasting Method Of Sowing Seeds Seeds are the source of our food. They are sown in soil. After germination, POP is practiced for the growth of crops and finally harvesting is done. There are different methods of sowing seeds. Among all Broadcasting method is the most common and convenient. That’s why, Billions of farmers are … Read more

Syngonium Pink: Plant Care And Propagation

Syngonium Pink If we talk about the indoor houseplants and not mention Syngonium, then – it will be an injustice because it has wide varieties, leaves are beautiful, grows in minimal care, can be grown as vine and has many colours. In this blog, we will be discussing its beautiful variety having pink leaves called, … Read more

Bsc Agriculture Entrance Syllabus In Nepal

Bsc Agriculture Entrance Syllabus Bsc Agriculture is becoming one of the top priority of Nepalese students after completion of +2 education. With growing interest, competition level is also getting high. Every Year thousands of students appear in entrance exams and only few hundreds secure the position in merit list. This is because some study hard … Read more

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Green Revolution

Definition  Of Green Revolution Green revolution is a technique in Agriculture that collectively uses advanced technologies, High Yielding Varieties(HYV), chemical fertilizers, Soil Management, Disease Control, Pesticide Use, managed irrigation and modern farming methods like Crop rotation, Multiple Cropping which increases crop production to many folds. In short, It is the process of increase in production … Read more

krishi Sahakari Ko Bidhan

Krishi Sahakari Ko Bidhan Nepal is an Agricultural country. About 66% of Nepali people are directly or indirectly dependent on agriculture. Agriculture contributes to of National GDP. For this contribution, all small holder and big farmers plays equally important role. Unfortunately, Small holder farmers aren’t getting much services like subsidy or training directly from government. … Read more

Vegetables Name In Nepali And English

Vegetables are an indispensable part of our daily life. They are nutrient rich and make our body healthy and strong from inside. In Nepal, there are hundreds of vegetables available. Many people know the english name of veggies like Tomatoes, Chillies, Cauliflower etc. However, The Nepali and English names of all the vegetables are hardly … Read more

Laligurans: National Flower Of Nepal

National Flower Of Nepal Nepal is a country with diverse flora and fauna. Every country has its National symbols. Among different symbols Flower is one of them. The national flower of Nepal is Rhododendron. The Nepali name of this national flower is Laligurans (लाली गुराँस). There are 33 different species of Rhododendron found in Nepal. … Read more

Raising Gulabi Goat(2022): Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Gulabi Goat Goats are the most domesticated animal in this world. Today we will be learning all about a beautiful goat called, Gulabi Goat. As the name indicates, the skin colour of this goat is Pink(Called Gulabi In Hindi). It looks so beautiful that many people keep this goat as their pet animal. The goat … Read more

Champa Flower: Most Loved Plant By Gardeners

Champa Flower If you want a plant with beautiful flowers, unique leaves and strong fragrance, then what can be the best other than Champa Flower. Champa Flower, also known as Plumeria in English, is a hardy perennial summer plant with beautiful flowers and leaves. It can be grown both indoors and outdoors. You have probably … Read more

Parijat Plant: Vastu Shastra, Growing Methods And Benefits

Parijat Plant Parijat Plant also known as Night Blooming Jasmine or Coral Jasmine in english is an ornamental tree having  immense medicinal potential and is commonly used in Ayurveda and Homeopathy. It is also grown for both floral and foliage beauty.   Parijat is  native to southern Asia and is also found in Nepal, Pakistan, India … Read more