Rabi And Kharif Crops In Pakistan

Rabi And Kharif Crops In Pakistan Rabi crops are winter season crops i.e these crops are sown in winter season during the month of Oct-Nov when the monsoon rain is over and are harvested in spring season during the month of April-May. The water requirement of Rabi crops is mostly fulfilled through irrigation. On the … Read more

Parwal In English [Wow! Easy Name]

Parwal In English There are many vegetables that we consume on regular basis. Parwal is one of them. It is its hindi name. Parwal is called Pointed Gourd in English. The fruit has pointed ends on both sides and is thick in middle which is green in colour with white strips. It is known by … Read more

Wave Of Love Plant: Care, Propagation And Varieties

Wave Of Love Plant The genus Anthurium consists of 1500 species of plants having ornamental value including Anthurium plowmanii which is commonly known as wave of love plant. Wave of love plant is an ornamental plant with long green leaves having slightly rippled or wavy edges. It has thick, broad bumpy leaves with a shiny … Read more

Queen Of Vegetables: Vegetative Queen

Queen Of Vegetables Vegetables are idespensible part of our life. We include them in our daily diet and it is impossible to survive without vegetables. There are many vegetables, we know them by their common name. But, There are some famous names of crops. Some vegetables are given other famous name or title. So, In … Read more

Alocasia Hilo Beauty(Rare): Size, Care And Propagation

Alocasia Hilo Beauty Alocasia Hilo Beauty also known as Hilo Beauty Elephant Ear is a beautiful foliage plant with long heart/arrow shaped leaves which is mostly grown indoors. It is an evergreen perennial plant. The leaves are beautiful and variegated with yellow and white spots which give camouflage like patterns. The plant is (2-4) feet … Read more

Rajnigandha Flower: English Name And Flowering Season

Rajnigandha Flower Rajnigandha also known as Tuberose in English is a bulbous perennial flower that belongs to the family agavaceae. It is also known as Nishigandha. The flower is half-hardy which produces highly fragrant, white, waxy flowers on a long spike.The leaves are long, spreading and grass-like. It is cultivated to use as both cut … Read more

100+ Inspiring Slogans On Save Trees

Trees are the only producers on Earth while others are consumers. They provide us oxygen, absorbs carbon dioxide, Decorate landscape with greenary, Provides food, shelter, fuel and every other thing needed for the survival. Data shows that 80% of terrestrial species live in forests. So, It is our solemn duty to preserve and save trees, … Read more

Brahma Kamalam: Vastu, Care And Importance

Brahma Kamalam Mother nature has blessed our home, Earth with many magical flora and fauna that has their own story of origin and uniqueness. Among all those flora, one of the beautiful gift of mother nature is Brahma Kamal/Brahma Kamalam. It is a rare flower that is found especially in Himalayan region. This flower with … Read more