Baby Corn Benefits And Farming

Baby Corn

Corns are very much familier to all of us. All of us have tasted corn once in a lifetime. Now, we started hearing about Baby Corn.

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Baby Corn Farming

In this blog we are going to give detailed information on Baby Corn farming and its Benefits.



Most of us don’t know about the types of corns. We thought there is single type of corn. But, actually there are 3 types of corns which are:-

✓Normal(General) corn
✓Sweet corn
✓Baby corn

The main differences between corn, sweet corn and baby corn is:-

➡️Corn is a cereal which is harvested when it is fully matured and mostly used as grain. Its cob is matured and hard which cannot be eaten.

➡️Sweet corn is also a corn with high sugar content. It is harvested  when its grains are milky. It is used as vegetable and grain.

➡️Baby corn is also a corn (sweet corn) which is harvested at  very young stage when it doesn’t bear seeds and when its cob is also milky and can be eaten as whole.

Actually, baby corn is unfertlized cob which is harvested right after emergence of silk emergence.


Size Of Baby corn:-




We can buy the seed of sweet corn in market very easily.

Selection of good quality and good variety of seed is very essential as it determines the quality, quantity and taste of corn.

Before we sow the seed it is better to do germination test of the seed. It helps us to ensure our production and profit.

We can also do seed treatment with fungicides before sowing the corn seed. It will increase the germination percentage.


Good Varieties For Baby Corn Production

Researchers have developed the special varities for baby corn production which are:-

🔹Golden Baby(proagro)
🔹Early composite



We can cultivate Baby corn in almost all types of soil where there is proper facility of drainage.

The pH range of 5.5-7 is good for corn farming.


Planting Time

We can plant corn at kharif(July-October) and rabi season(October-March).

Baby corn can be cultivated in 3 or 4 different  times in a year. The time it can be cultivated are:-



Planting Distance And Area

Planting distance of corn(sweet corn) depends on the variety you are planning to grow. However, the ideal planting distance is  (1×3)feet.

✓Plant-Plant distance=1Ft
✓Row-Row distance=3Ft

Another way of maintaining the ideal distance is, the leaves of one plant of corn should just touch the leaves of other corn plant.

If we maintain the distance of (1×3)ft, then we need about (2-3) kg of corn for an area of 1 acre.


Land preparation

It is one of the major task in corn cultivation. Tillage should be done by using plough or tractors.


We can also make bunds to cultivate corn. Mulching is very effective in order to get large size cobs.



Fertilizers are necessary to get good harvest.
We should use N,P,K,Zn,S in the ratio of 1:2:2:1:1.

We can also use organic fertilizers like animal manure. Vermicompost is also good for corn crops.


Market And Earning

The market of baby corn is increasing day by day. It can be sell easily. It is mostly used in resturant and five-star hotels.

We can earn up to (2-3)lakhs from 1 acre of baby corn production.


Weeds Problem In Corns

One of the major problem in corn cultivation is weeds.

Weeds are unnecessary grass other than main crop which grows in our field and compete with our crops.

The solution to control weed is using weedicide.

Atrazine is perfect to control weeds in corn field. You can apply by mixing 2gm of atrazine in 1litre of water.


Disease and pest

Corn plant doesn’t suffer from diseases and grow well. But, it may get attacked by pests and birds.


Fall Army Worm is very dangerous for corn cultivation. It vigorously feeds on corns and we can’t get good production.


Benefits Of Baby Corn (Sweet Corn)

🔹Baby corn has very low calories. It contains about 26 calories in 100gm. It helps yo reduce fat.

🔹Baby Corn contains soluble fibres which is good for heart and blood sugar levels.

🔹It contains anti-oxidants, vitamin A,C and Iron.

🔹Eating baby corn makes our digestive system powerful and good.

🔹Baby corn also improves eyesights as it contains carotenoids.


This is all information on Baby corn cultivation and Benefits of Baby corn in health.

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