16 Surprising Benefits Of Being Vegetarian

Benefits Of Being Vegetarian:-Being a Vegetarian is something that can make us feel different from others. People choose to become a vegan due to many reasons such as – Health Issues, Moral Values, Religious Beliefs, Economic, Ecological and sometimes due to Dietary concern.

There has always been a nutritional debate on, Which is good- Veg or Non-Veg. There are pros and cons of both sides. It is all about eating right rather than being a Vegetarian or non-vegetarian.The thing is, One should decide what is best suited for them. However, In this blog article, We are going to put emphasis on the benefits of being  Vegetarian.

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Everyone loves to taste different kinds of food made from animals. In general, 17% of the human diet consists of Meat and other animal products such as Egg and Dairy. However, There are some people who tend to become a full Vegetarian from their birth. These types of  people have never experienced any animal related food. Some of the super-religious people follow this type of veganism.

On the other hand, There are some people who decide to become a Vegetarian at some stage of their life. These people have already tasted different items made from animals. That’s why, It becomes very different for them to completely change their diet and become a veg lover. And, It creates difficulty in being a vegetarian at some point of our life. Therefore, with an intention to help those people, we have listed all the benefits of being vegetarian. Hope this article helps you to find a better way.

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Types Of Vegetarians

Vegetarian is a person who doesn’t eat any animal meat and animal-related products. Being Vegetarian can sometimes become a tuff change for a meat loving person. They can’t leave it overnight. People try to go vegan by avoiding some animal products at first. Later, They turn themselves as a full Vegetarian person over time.

That’s why, There are different stages of Being a Vegetarian. Or, We can say-There are different types of vegetarianism. These different types have different benefits of being vegetarian. Harvard Medical School divides vegetarianism as follows:-

Vegan➡️ They are pure vegetarian. Vegan people don’t eat any animal meat such as Chevon, Mutton, Beef, Fish and Products that come from animal such as Eggs, Dairy Products

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian ➡️ Lacto means Dairy Products and Ovo means egg. So, These people don’t eat direct meat but they consume animal products such as Eggs and Dairy Products.

Lacto-Vegetarian➡️ They do not consume Animal meat, Eggs But do consume dairy products such as Milk, Cheese, Curd and  Ghee.

Ovo-Vegetarian➡️ Do not consume Animal meat and Dairy Products But do consume Eggs.

Partial Vegetarian➡️ They are selective. They eat meat from one Animal and discard from another. Eg:- One doesn’t eat Beef and Chevon but consume poultry.

If we look at trends from the 19th century, The population who consume meat and animal products was in increasing order. But, In the 20th century, People started to change their food habits. Many people are now changing themselves to Vegetarian. This is because of different scientific research that is clarifying that, Plant based diet can also provide all the body requirements and people have become aware of benefits of being Vegetarian. And, Moreover, These research are also telling some hazards of meat consumption.

While becoming a Vegetarian, We should be aware that, We aren’t consuming any meat. That’s why, we should plan our plant based diet in such a way that it fulfills all the requirements that earlier we were getting from animal meat and related products.

Eg:- Earlier when we consume meat, There is no deficit of Vitamin-B12 and Iron which makes RBCs. To fulfill this demand, You can now consume Nuts. That’s how, You can fulfill all body needs. Every animal product has plant based replacement. You just have to think, What is right for you?”

For a vegan, Their food should be limited to Fruits, Nuts, Veggies, Cereals and Grains. That’s how you gonna see the benefits of being a Vegetarian. Eating veg can be highly beneficial for people having diabetes, chronic diseases, High blood pressure and Even cancer. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of benefits of being vegetarian in our daily life.

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Benefits Of Being Vegetarian

There are many benefits of being  vegetarian that it becomes hard to include in one article. It provides benefits from different aspects of life. Here-We are going to discuss the benefits of being a Vegetarian from Nutritional, Environmental and Spiritual part of our life.

A.Nutritional Benefits Of Being Vegetarian

1.Good For Cardiovascular Diseases

Cardiovascular diseases are preventable and even reversible if we change ourselves to a Vegetarian.

Studies and Research has shown that Vegetarians are 25% less likely to get heart diseases and heart attack.

Omega-3-fatty acid present in nuts help to reduce heat diseases. Vegetables and Fruits are rich in nutrients and dietary fibres which protects our heart from different diseases.

Plant based food doesn’t contain cholesterol and saturated fatty acid which are the main cause of heart diseases and heart attacks. That’s why, Being a Vegetarian is an amazing way of protecting our hearts. This is one of the best benefit of being vegetarian that everyone should atleast try this as alternative weeks. Means, On week – No non-veg, Next Week – Eat whatever you like.

2.Reduces Blood Pressure

The problem of blood pressure is wide. One of the major reasons of having a high blood pressure is not intake of a good diet. 

Meat and other animal products contain high levels of fat, protein and cholesterol which increases our blood pressure.

On the other hand, Vegetables and fruits contain Fibers, Potassium, Antioxidants which help to keep our blood pressure to normal. Moreover, Plants are free from  Cholesterol which is very good for keeping our blood pressure good.

A study in 1999 shows that, Veg diet reduces the possibility of clogged arteries by 24% by reducing the level of cholesterol and saturated fat which is good to maintain blood pressure.

3.Increase Life Longevity

Being a Vegetarian is the path of living a longer lifespan. When we include Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts and Sprouts to our daily diet, Then our body becomes stronger and healthier from inside.

Veg food washes out all the toxins and purifies our blood which makes every cell and tissue of our body way younger. When we consume fats, cholesterol and toxins through meat and animal products, they ultimately make our body suffer from different diseases and we can’t live longer.

For eg:- Japanese people include more and more veggies and Fibers to their diet. That’s why, Their life expectancy is one of the highest in the world.

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4.Easy Reduction Of Weight

Changing your diet to veg can reduce your weight by 1 pound per month. Studies show that BMI is lowest in vegan among all diets people consume.

Vegetarian people consume less fat. The extra fat in the body is used up to get energy. Now, The body will become slimmer. Fibres are a great way of reducing body Weight.

Moreover, Vegetarian diets have low calories. If we manage to do a little amount of exercise daily, Then, we will be in a calorie deficit state and we will gradually lose our body weight. This benefit of being vegetarian makes us more active than being a non-veg.

5.Highly Beneficial For Diabetic Patient

Veg food has a low glycemic index i.e They help to keep the blood sugar level normal. Vegetarian people are less likely to suffer from type-2-diabetes.

When a person suffering from diabetes avoids meat and animal products, Then- In one month they start to see normal blood sugar levels.

Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Grains, Cereals helps insulin to work effectively and efficiently in order to make normal blood sugar level. Many people are struggling with their diabetes, However – It is one of the common benefits of being  vegetarian that he/she will be free from diabetes.

6.Reduces Risk Of Cancer

In 2015, WHO published a report which clearly states, Processed meat can increase the risk of colon and rectum cancer by 18%. Meat doesn’t contain Nutrients and Fibers that protect us from deadly cancer.

According to American Cancer Institute, Only (5-10)% of all Cancers come from genetic factors. Remaining 90% is due to our diet habits and lifestyle. In this 90%, Meat has occupied a great portion. WHO has clearly mentioned Red meat contains a carcinogen i.e They can cause cancer.

Research also shows that all animal products, not only meat but also Fish, dairy and Eggs contributes to raising the level of cancer growth hormone igf-1 in our body.

On the other hand, Plant based foods do not contain any carcinogenic agents. Vegetables like carrots slow the growth of cancer cells. Vegetables contain beta-carotene and antioxidants helps to fight against cancer.

Western people suffer way more from cancer than eastern people. The reason is obvious, Western people consume meat every single day. They are consuming more and more protein. Too much protein is carcinogenic. Only 3% of our body is made from protein. That’s why, we should eat consciously.

Cancer is killing million. So – Why not we just change our diet and enjoy this benefit of being vegetarian. It is not that hard when it can save your life. Right?

7.Free from Allergies And Asthma

The painless way to get rid of Allergies is including Vegetables and Fruits in our daily diet.

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8.More Skin Glow

This is another benefits of being vegetarian and secret of beautiful people out there. Vegetables are full of H20. More water, the More toxics will be cleared off. That means, The epidermal layer of our skin becomes healthy and we start to see glow on our skin. Moreover, Vegetarian diet provides more antioxidants which purify our blood due to which our skin looks beautiful and healthy.

9.Increase Digestion

Being a Vegetarian means we are consuming more and more fibres. Veg food is light. Our digestive system can easily consume it.

Veggies help to reduce constipation and clear our stomach. Veg food like Green veggies, Kiwi, Apple, Black beans, Broccoli, Lentils helps in digestion.

60% of humans don’t have an enzyme that can digest a protein called lactose that comes from Dairy products. Due to this, People may suffer from regular cramping and Bloating. The benefit of better digestion comes with being a vegetarian.

10.Cure Arthritis

This is another amazing benefits of being vegetarian that can ease the life of so many individuals especially females. Plant based diets are amazing to ease rheumatoid arthritis. Gluten free food can reduce inflammation during arthritis.

Phytochemicals like antioxidants, carotenoids, fibers and flavonoids reduce inflammation and arthritis.

These were the top 10 nutritional benefits of being Vegetarian. Now, Let’s discuss the Environmental and Spiritual benefits of being  Vegetarian.

B.Environmental Benefits Of Being Vegetarian

11.Reduce Greenhouse Emission

In 2004, the UN published a report that clearly states, Animals which are being raised for food emit more greenhouse gases in comparison to cars and trucks combined. This ultimately leads to global warming. Guess, Benefits Of being vegetarian isn’t limited to only our body. It is protecting our home, Earth.

12.Use Of Fertile Land

Animals used to grow for food uses more and more Agricultural land. We need 2.5 times less land to produce the same calorie of food in comparison to produce the same amount of meat. This pasture land can otherwise be used to produce grain and cereal which can fulfill the food needs of millions of other people.

13.Preservation Of Water

Animals needs large volume of water in comparison to plants. Moreover, Plants contribute to preserve water resources. Animal waste also pollute the water. If we try to change yourself to be a Vegetarian, than surely, It can contribute to preserve the precious water.

C.Spiritual Benefits Of Being Vegetarian

14.Increase Inner Peace 

There is a saying, “You Body Is What You Eat”. When we consume Non-Veg, We become more anxious. We just have eaten someone’s life. Just before the animal is slaughtered, It feels anger, hatred and fear Inside. When we eat that animal meat, Then these feelings automatically develop in our body and we can never feel peace. This may the one of the reason for me to be a vegetarian.

On the other hand, We eat veg items then there is no that type of reaction. We will be satisfied by what we eat. God has made humans superior to all. We have the power of consciousness. That’s why we should use this gift in the right way. 

15.Increase Mindfulness

We all know “gigo” i.e. garbage In, garbage out. When we eat meat, we cannot find inner peace. We will not be conscious of what we do. We cannot think peacefully. More and more thoughts hit me. On the other hand, when we eat veg food, they help to make us find peace. You can try it once. Mindfulness is another amazing benefits of being  vegetarian.

16.Stops Animal Cruelty

Spiritual book has always taught us that, We should not give torture to any living being. Animals do have feelings. They do feel pain and fear.

We can’t imagine what they have gone through to reach on your plate. When you are going to eat meat, Think one time. We have seen many pictures of animal cruelty. They are slaughtered by hanging upside down. If we see their actual pain, we will go vegan right now. Though it isn’t direct, it is also a type of benefits of being vegetarian.


1. What Are The Pros And Cons Of Being Vegetarian?

➡️1.Good For Cardiovascular System
2.Reduces Blood Pressure
3.Increases Life Longivity
4.Weight Loss
5.Good For Diabetic Patient
6.Reduce The Risk Of Cancer
7.Good For Allergic and Asthma Patient
8.Glows Skin
9.Improves Digestion
10.Improves Vision

2.Do Vegetarians Live Longer?

➡️ There is no sure shot answer. However, It is seen that, Vegetarians sometimes live longer than non veg, though all the health conscious people have similar life span.

3.Does Vegetarians Lose Weight Faster?

➡️Yes – Several studies have shown that Vegetarians loose weight faster. Veg food have fiber, low calorie and good disgestability, People loose weight while non veg consume more fat and protein which makes it difficult to loose weight faster.

4.Does Vegetarian Eat Cheese?

➡️ Sometimes Yes and sometimes No. Cheese is a dairy product that means it uses animal product. So, The person who eat cheese is Lacto Vegetarian not the pure vegan.

5.Do Vegetarian Have Better Skin?

➡️Vegetables are full of H20. More water, the More toxics will be cleared off. That means, The epidermal layer of our skin becomes healthy and we start to see glow on our skin.

Final Verdict

Thus, We can clearly say, There are lots of benefits of being Vegetarian. From this, We don’t mean to say, Go vegan from today.

What we suggest is, Do experiments with the food you eat. Just learn how agile and how active your body feels after eating that food.

You can eat animal products for one month and from next month choose only veg food to eat. Then, Decide what is best for you.

Moreover, Evolution also clarifies that humans should remain Vegetarian. Our teeth resemble herbivores and our digestive tract is longer i.e in tuen with leaf eating.

This is whole information on the benefits of being Vegetarian.

If you have any questions, Ask in the comments. Please share if you have ever experienced the benefits of being vegetarian. This might help many people who are in confusion of what to choose veg ot non-veg.

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