Boar Goat Farming In Nepal

Boar goat is famous for its high growth rate and  large sized body especially reared for meat production.
Boar goat are also known by its other names such as Africander, Afrikander, South African goat and are very attractive to look.
Boar goat also produce milk but are most suitable for meat production. They grow and matures very fast with amazing results. That is why, many farmers prefer boar goat among other goat breeds.
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Boar Goat
The exact origin of boar goat  is unknown but it is said to be originated from South africa in early 90’S. The boar goat is developed by the crossing of indigenous South african breed with some European and Indian goat breeds.
In Africa, the meaning of “Boar” is farmer. This goat has very good carcass quality and it is especially reared for its meat.
The male boar goat are reared especially for breeding and female boar goat are reared to produce kids. The price of buck is higher than the doe.
In this blog we are going to give detailed information on:-
  Boar Goat- Origin,Characteristics, Feeding And Breeding

    Characters Of Boar Goat

    ✔️They properly shaped compact white body with  distinctive brown head.
    ✔️They have high growth rate-increasing their weight by 300gm per day.
    ✔️They are hardy in nature and can easily adaptable to most of the climate of the world. So, they are easy to farm.
    ✔️Boar goat are more disease resistant in comparison to other goat breed.
    ✔️They have high fertility rate. One male can mate with 3 times within 30 mins.
    ✔️Boar goat are polyestrus i.e they can breed throughout the year.
    ✔️The sexual maturity of male boar is 6 months and for female is 12 months.
    ✔️The pregnancy period of does is 5 months. After birth, they nourish their kids for 3 months and after that they are ready for another breeding.
    ✔️During first pregnancy, Boar doe produce only 1 kid. Later they give birth to twin kids.
    ✔️Boar doe breed can give 3 times birth within the short period of 2 years. I.e- One boar goat gives birth to 6 kids within 2 years.
    ✔️The kids have high growth and low mortality rate.
    ✔️They can be fed with both ways- stall-fed and Open grazing.
    ✔️The cross of boar goat with other non-boar goat results improvement of offspring and posses high growth rate.
    ✔️They are docile which makes their care and management easy.
    ✔️The meat of boar is soft and cholesterol free.So, it is healthy to consume.
    ✔️The adult boar buck weighs between 110 and 135 kg and does between 90 and 100 kg.

    Quality And Breeding

    The best quality of Boar has 100% purity. They are very large in size and has very good carcass quality. They can be crossed with non-boar goat(indigenous) to produce 50% pure boar goat.
    Now, this 50% pure boar can be crossed with 100% pure boar to produce 75% pure boar. In this way, we can improve the quality of local breed also. 
    The local goat which weight 30 Kg per year can be upgraded to 50 Kg per year. This can ultimately increase profit  of owner.
    Boar goat gives good results when crossed with Jamunapari, Kiko, Angora and Nubiam Goats.

    Identification Of Boar Goat

    There are some peculiar characters by the help of which we can distinguish boar goat from other alike looking goats. These characters are:-
    ✓They have white body colour with distinctive brown head.
    ✓They have long ear which directs down at beginning and turns upward at end point of ear.
    ✓They have high growth rate in comparison to other breeds.

    Feeding Of Boar Goat

    The feeding of Boar goat is somehow similar to other goat breeds. In other breeds, we should feed (2-3)% of their body weight but in Boar this need to be increased to (4-5)% of their body weight.
    Some feeds for Boar Goat are:-
    ✓Tree leaves
    If the boar goat is reared for show purpose. Then, the feed put infront of their front legs. This will make goat to stretch neck, loin and rump and they looks attractive. This is called flex feeding.
    The feed should be kept at a small height from ground to keep it clean and it will ultimately help to protect our goats from internal parasites.
    We need to show extra attention to feeding. This will ensures the health and growth of boar goat breed.

    This is whole information on Boar Goat- Origin,Characteristics, Feeding And Breeding
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