Brahma Kamal: Flower Care, Vastu And Importance

Brahma Kamal

Mother nature has blessed our home, Earth with many magical flora and fauna that has their own story of origin and uniqueness. Among all those flora, one of the beautiful gift of mother nature is Brahma Kamal.


It is a rare flower that is found especially in Himalayan region. This flower with its tranquility, uniqueness and spiritual importance has won the heart of millions all around the globe. In one sentence, it is a beautiful, aromatic and divine flower.


Brahma Kamal In Natural Habitat
Brahma Kamal In Uttrakhand

Though, It is found in himalayas, People are now growing this flower in their home, garden and for amenity horticulture. As this plant belongs to different climate, It is very necessary to know the growing nature, caring and management tips for the successful growth of this flower.


Brahma kamal/Brahma Kamalam belongs to succulent cactus family as it posses the characters of both cactus{Less water requirement, grows in dry area} and succulent {Fleshy leaves}. This plant is also known as orchid cactus because the flowers resembles the beauty like that of orchid blooms. It is hermaphrodite flower meaning it contains both male reproductive part (Androecium) and female reproductive part (Gynoecium). It is believed that, Brahma Kamalam shouldn’t be bought or sold rather it should be use as a gift. People also believe that, This flower protects its owner from evil powers.

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This plant is native to india and Southwest china where it grows at higher altitude of 4500 M above sea level. In India, it is very popular as it is regarded as sacred flower for hindus and a state flower of Uttarakhand. It is also called the King of Himalayan Flowers. AS a sacred flower, it is offered to some famous and important holy places of India especially, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Tunganath temple. A postal stamp was issued by Indian Government to commemorate this flower. The postal stamp look as shown in picture below:-

Postal Stamp Of Brahma Kamal


The name Brahma Kamal is given after the Hindu’s god of creation, Lord Brahma.If you have seen the Lord Brahma’s photo, then – you must have noticed that he sits on a pink flower. The name of that flower is Lotus which is called Kamal in hindi.So, People believe that the pink kamal in which the Lord Brahma is sitting is Brahma Kamal(ब्रह्मकमल ).

Brahma Kamal

The scientific name of this plant  is Saussurea obvallata which belongs to family, Astraceae.The botanical classification is given below:-

Kingdom: Plantae
Order: Asterales
Tribe: Cynareae
Genus: Saussurea
Species:S. obvallata

Apart from its worlds accepted botanical name Saussurea obvallata, several other names are also used which differs from place to place.Some popular alternative names are:- Brahma Kamalam, Night Blooming Queen, Night Blooming Cereus, Saussurea, Dulhambul, Hangal, Burgundautoges, Dudhaful, Kadufful, Geeks Vision, Jungle cactus.


The reason for calling Brahma Kamal as Night blooming queen is that the blooms or the floral buds of this plant opens only at night. The flower opens for only once in a year during the month of Sarad Purnima(July-Sept). The blooming of flower starts at 7 PM in evening that takes about two hours to open fully and it remains open for whole night which finally close before morning. So, it is a rare to see this flower blooming in front of our eyes. If you ever get chance to see, then- you are considered lucky. When it produces flower, then – A strong pleasent fragrance can be smelled in surrounding areas. However, Some people don’t like this fragrance, that totally depends on own’s preference.


The flower of this plant is white like lotus with pink tips and the plant can reach up to 4-5 feet.


For those who haven’t seen this rare phenomena, we have arranged the photos that shows the blooming of brahma kamal from Bud to Flower. The conversion of bud to flower is shown in picture below:-

Brahma Kamal Bud To Flower In How Many Days


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Pink Brahma Kamal

This plant produce its bloom in three different colours i.e White, Pink, and Red. There are also some varieties that shows purple shades. Mostly, White and Pink colours are preferred to grow at homes and gardens as they looks amazingly beautiful. Among them, Pink brahma kamal looks elegant. The picture of white is already Attica above in the beginning of this article. Now – We have also attached the picture of its Pink Flowering Variety:-


Pink Brahma Kamal


Growing Methods

We can grow Brahma Kamal easily by using its different vegetative parts such as leaves and stem i.e vegetative propagation.


Large leaves can be cut into smaller segment and those segment can be planted in soil. Regular moisture should be maintained. These leaves grows into a full plant within two months of propagation. After two months, this small plant can be transplanted to single pot. During transplantation, we should uproot the seedlings with earth ball. It helps the flower to grow and adapt easily in new place.


We should keep the plant in shade area where there is no direct sunlight for long time. That area should receive filtered sunlight. It is better to select those area which receives about 1 hr morning sunlight.


Care And Management

•Sandy coarse soil with pH around neutral is good for this flower. The soil mix for the growth of this flower is: 40% sand 30% garden soil 30%compost. We can also add certain percentage of perlite in soil mix. The use of perlite holds the water for longer time. For compost, We can use FYM. The compost made from leaves is even better. Too much fertilizer isn’t needed as brahma kamalam flower can directly takes nutrients from water and air. We can add fertilizer in every 2 months. We can add FYM, Vermicomopost and Mustard Cakes as fertilizer. Too much fertilizer causes burning effect in leaves.


•The stem of of this flower doesn’t have wood, So – It often leans in lack of support. Thus – While growing at home, we should do staking so that the flower plant remains upright and grows to its full potential.


•We shouldn’t keep this flower in direct sunlight as it is succulent plant and direct sunlight can cause scorching effect and yellowing of leaves.

Brahma Kamal, Brahma Kamal flower plant

•For irrigation, This plant doesn’t need too much water as it belongs to the dry climate of himalayas. Therefore, We should do irrigation only after the upper layer of soil becomes dry. OR, We can directly irrigate in every 2-3 days. If you don’t have time to irrigate in every 2-3 days, you can add perlite in soil mix which holds water for longer duration. After adding perlite, we can irrigate the this in every 15-20 days. Too much water is bad. Over watering causes the root rot problem. So – Proper drainage provision should be provided.


•This flower is vulnerable to fungus attack. So – We should add turmeric or cinnamon powder in every month. We can also add antifungal agents like bavistin.


•This plant grows well in plastic pot though we can use mud pit also. We can grow this flower in greenhouse also. Some people grows brahma kamal in hanging basket and decorate their home. It isn’t recommended to grow this flower in crowded area surrounded by many other tress. A bit open ares will be good.


•Repotting of this flower should be done in every 2 years. New pot selected should be larger than earlier pot.


Brahma Kamal Plant And Vastu

It is said that, Both Lord Brahma and Lord Bishnu lives in the Brahma kamal flower. Therefore, According to vastu sastra, Keeping this flower in the middle of the house reduces all the negatives energy. Keeping this flower, offers happiness and prosperity in family members life.

Vastu shastra contains textual principles of vastu vidhya originated in India that defines the design, layout measurements, ground preparation, space arrangement and spatial geometry of any architecture whose main aim is to integrate architecture with nature. Majority of hindus and some buddhits have belief in Vastu shastra. Brahma kamal plant and vastu has close relation. Brahma kamal pooja is done of millions of indian people and keeping this plant in home purifys the toxic material and makes the environment perfect for living. This is the relationship of Brahma Kamal Plant and Vastu.


Spiritual Importance

•There is a spiritual and religious story about the origin of Brahma Kamal. The story goes as:- After creating Lord Ganesh by Mata Parvati, She went inside to take bath and Lord Ganesh were asked to give security at the door. When Lord Shiva came and want to enter inside, Lord Ganesh oppose him and don’t let Shiva to enter. Due to this, Lord Shiva got angry and cut the head of Ganesh with his Trishul. When Mata Parvati knows all this, She got very angry and ask help from lord Brahma. So – Lord Brahma created Brahma kamalam flower. With the help of this flower, The head of elephant was joined with the body of Lord Ganesh.


•Another ancient story about this flower is, When the Lord Lakshmana revives after using Sanjivini, then – God’s showers thus Kamal flower from the heaven.


•Growing this flower in our house gives Positive energy, Peace, Prosperity and Protect us from evil.


•People have thoughts that, If we wish anything by offering this magical flower to Lord Shiva, Then – the wish will be fulfilled.


•If any person wishes during the time of blooming, then that wishes comes true.


•It is considered as the flower of Lord Brahma, Creator of the universe.


•This flower has also got its connection with Mahabharat. During the exile time of pandavas, Draupadi, the wife of five pandavas was very sad. But, When she saw Brahma Kamalam bloom in white colour at the lake, she forgot all her pain and enjoy it’s beauty.


Brahma Kamal Plant Blessings

Seeing the blooming of this kamal flower is regarded as blessings from Lord Brahma.If you wish anything during its blooming time, then – that wish will be fulfilled as a blessing from lord.


Brahma Kamal Importance/Uses

Brahma Kamalam, Brahma Kamal
Brahma Kamalam

Apart from spiritual importance, Brahma Kamal has medicinal and aesthetic importance which makes it a plant of high Value. Some importance are:-

•This plant has great medicinal benefits. It gives relief during cold, cough and fever. This plant is also used in treating liver infection. For woman, this plant can treat several diseases. The leaves and flower of Brahma Kamal is also used to make cancer medicine. If you got any wound, Just make the its slurry of oand apply thoroughly over the wound as it works as antiseptic. 


•Consuming the liquid extracted from this flower reduces fatigue make us feel fresh and light.


•This plant work as air purifiyer and detoxification of the air inside the home. So – Keeping this flower inside our house is highly beneficial. If you want to learn more about air purifying indoor plants, we have already written a detailed article on NASA approves plants to keep for air purification and detoxification, You can read that article from:- NASA Approved Air Purifying Plants.


•This plant is used in different worshipping ceremonies. It is also used in decorative purpose.


Brahma Kamalam Protection

As this flower has unique beauty and many medicinal benefits, Local people and tourists pluck them so much that they are enlisted in endangered species. Many people are involved in Smuggling of this flower in international market for Good money.


So – To protect this flower, Government of India has taken some initiatives like Using it in Postal stamp, enlisting in endangered plant and now there is strictly checking to reduce smuggling of this flower. Moreover, It is now grown in higher altitude to increase its population and local people are also becoming aware of Brahma Kamalam importance. This way, this plant is getting protected.


1.Is Brahma Kamal Lucky?

Yes – This flower is recognised as lucky plant as it brings happiness and prosperity in one’s life. If you see it at the time of blooming and you wish, that wish will be fulfilled.

2.What is the importance of Brahma Kamal?

Brahma Kamal is the plant of aesthetic, spiritual and medicinal importance as it cures different diseases like cold, liver infection.

3.What Time Does Brahma Kamal Bloom?

This flower starts to bloom after  sunset  in about 7 P.M and opens fully after two hours at around 9 P.M. This bloom remain open for whole night and it closes till morning.

4.Where Is Brahma Kamal Found?

It is a rare flower that is found especially in Himalayan region.

5.What Is The Story Of Brahma Kamal?

There is a spiritual and religious story about the origin of Brahma Kamal flower. The story goes as:- After creating Lord Ganesh by Mata Parvati, She went inside to take bath and Lord Ganesh were asked to give security at the door. When Lord Shiva came and want to enter inside, Lord Ganesh oppose him and don’t let Shiva to enter. Due to this, Lord Shiva got angry and cut the head of Ganesh with his Trishul. When Mata Parvati knows all this, She got very angry and ask help from lord Brahma. So – Lord Brahma created Brahma kamal flower. With the help of this flower, The head of elephant was joined with the body of Lord Ganesh.

6.Is Brahma Kamal Cactus?

Kamal is not a true cactus though it belongs to the family Cactaceae. It is also called as Orchid cactus because the flowers shows the exisiqute beauty like of orchid flower and it leaves are like cactus. Thus, It is known by another name called Jungle Cactus.

Final Verdict

Brahma Kamal is truely a magical flower. But, This flower is getting declined in number due the excessive plucking. The growth of this flower reduces by 70% due to lack of pollination as there are less flower for effective pollination. Some species of this flower are also listed in endangered species.