Career Options With Psychology Degree- 7 Best Jobs

Carrier Options With Psychology Degree

Scope and job opportunities are main thing that students consider while choosing any subject. In this article, we will be learning about the psychology jobs.

Before we start- I want you to look at this data of students which shows the destination of psychological students:-

Destination Percentage
Employed 63.7
Further Study 16.2
Working And Studying 8.6
Unemployed 5.6
Other 5.9


In this blog we are going to give detailed information on Career Options With Psychology Degree- 7 Best Jobs along with list of best colleges to study Psychology.

What Is Psychology?

Psychology is a science that deals with the scientific study of thought pattern, human behaviours and their reactions to certain activity.

This study of human behavior attracts such students who want to pursue their further studies in the Human Resources.

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Why To Study Psychology?

Students of psychology are experts at understanding the human mind, its emotions, and the various resultant behaviours.

They study the different situations of the human mind, how perceptions are developed, the various circumstances under which such development occurs, and its effects on human behavior.

They use their knowledge from this degree to enter the workforce in areas that have substantial amounts of human interactions.

The degree can equip you with marketable skills and prepare you for an exciting and well-paid carriers with lots of other opportunities.

Psychology is perfect for a student who has a leaning towards the social sciences or arts and is willing to study in-depth the human mind.

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Degrees In Psychology

There are 2 ways from which you can earn the degree on psychology.These degrees can provide you with good career in psychology after completion.

These 2 types of degrees are described below:-


1.Undergraduate Degree

Psychology is introduced in India at the school level But -In this level- one learns only  the basic theories and their application.

The undergraduate (School-Level) degrees are usually application-based that help to prepare the student for many of the entry-level jobs in a variety of fields.

Typically- The undergraduate degree of BA in Psychology takes three years to earn and a student has to meet all of the pre-requisites of the college or university to be awarded with this degree.

2.Graduation Degree(Bachelor’s Degree)

Another degree in Psychology is a B.Sc degree which is a science degree OR-You can B.A degree in psychology.

Although both these graduation courses have the same subjects-The B.Sc course focuses on the clinical aspects of psychology while the BA degree is more about counseling aspects and is more application based.

This allows the student of BA Psychology to find jobs as guidance counselors with many organizations.

The BA course is as diversified and creative as the person who holds it.

Majorly students who enter this degree either want to further pursue in the field of psychology or they use it to educate themselves on human behavior to be applied to business, sales and many other areas.

It is not as challenging to use this knowledge to other careers as one might assume.

✔️Note:- It is must important to do doctorate in psychology to create good demand and good job. Only graduation will not make your future good.

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Psychology Careers And Salaries

A strong understanding of human behavior and motivation provides the perfect foundation for innumerable meaningful careers.

Every field needs varying degrees of human interaction and in the real world, these connections one may make the difference towards advancing one’s career.

For instance-This degree combined with an MBA in human resources will ease the hiring process for a variety of positions as well as make them a viable candidate for career advancement.

Some Of The Carriers After Psychological  Courses Are:-

After the completion of study in psychology one cam get jobs both in the government as well as the private sector.

In fact, students who earn an undergraduate degree in Psychology but don’t go on to study master’s or doctorate degree usually find alternative ways to put their psychology knowledge to work.

Here we have mentioned 7 best psychological jobs one can follow:-


1.Clinical Pyschologist

Many people who have completed studying psychology starts their own clinlics like other doctors.

In this clinic, what actually they do is-They help the people who have Mental Depressions, Sadness, Angrieness and help them to get rid of these problems

Patients visit the psychologist on regular basis. Psychologist guide them in proper way. The listen to their problem and make them feel good.

2.Career counselling

Person who have studied psychology can interact better with confused person and can provide them a clear forward view through counselling.

Many people of modern world including millions of students are confused on choosing right career because of many options.

In this situation- Psychologist can guide them to find their actual interest and help them to choose right career.


3.Child Care Worker

Child have different psychology that adult man. They have different point of view. Some people hire a psychologist to assist and guide their child in proper way.

They are involve in solving their curiosity along with any kind of mental pressure. They also involves in daycare and after school care.


Many top and large industries hire a psychologist to learn the thought process of their employess.

Psychologist help the owner to choose right employees who are determined to do their work. They check with what emotions the employees are working in industry.



Most of the parents of this world are worried about their childern. Many childerns are continuously attached with digital things like mobile instead of appreciating the natural beauty.

In this scenario-Psychiatrist helps parents to know why their childern are doing this. They work as trainer in parenting. They guide them with proper way of parenting.


6.Motivational Speaker

As the psychologist know the thought process of their audience- They can motivate people.

Many motivational speakers have good knowledge on psychology. They can understand the feeling of people. They provide them boost and ultimately motivate them to do something.



Psychologist can help to develop the proper marketing strategies. They learn the publics behaviour.

They help company to attach emotion with a product they are selling. They display advertisement which changes the thought process and marketing becomes easy.

They can also  work at various Corporate Organizations, Hospitals, Educational institutes,and more as Recruiters, Social workers, Sales representatives, sarkari jobs and many more.

Other Career Opportunities

🔹Rehabilitataion Specialist

🔹Psychiatric technician

🔹Human Resource manager

🔹Laboratory assistant

🔹School Counselor

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Salary of Psychological Jobs

The salary of psychology depends on different factors like area and way of working. The common salary range is:-

Self Employed:-(25k-25Lakh)IC
Business:-25 Lakh+

As one improves their knowledge and skills. They can earn more. They have polish their skill.

As the behaviour of people go on changing-Psychologist should act accordingly.


Best Colleges In India To Study Psychology

There are many colleges and universities who include psychology courses. Some of the best colleges and universities to study psychology in India are:-

1. Lady Shri Ram College for Women
2.Amity University Jaipur
3.Fergusson College
4.Lovely Professional University
5.Chandigarh University

Other options that graduates of Psychology colleges in Jaipur find are   Students from the BA Psychology colleges in Jaipur also often opt for higher education in Psychology or even in MBA, masters in social work etc.

This is whole information on Career Options With Psychology Degree- 7 Best Jobs.

If you have any Queries, Do let us know in comments.


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