Drip Irrigation Setup, Components, Working And Installation Cost

☑️Irrigation including Drip Irrigation is supply of additional water through different channels to help the plants for their proper growth and development.
There are 2 types of irrigation:-
1.Surface Irrigation
2.Sub-surface Irrigation
In surface irrigation, water is supplied to plants on their growing surface(On Soil). It is mostly used irrigation system.
In Sub-surface irrigation water is supplied to plants in their root zones from under the soil.
If we talk about Drip Irrigation, It may be both surfaced or Sub-surfaced.
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Drip Irrigation System

In this blog, we have provided the detailed information on Drip Irrigation System.

    Drip irrigation

    ☑️Drip Irrigation is micro-irrigation system which may be surfaced or sub-surfaced (mainly) in which water is provided to plants through pipelines network exactly in their root zones in a controlled way.
    Drip Irrigation is one of the modern agricultural technology which was developed initially by Isreal.

    In general, we irrigate whole surface in which crop is growing but in drip irrigation we don’t moisturise all surface instead we apply water exactly to root zone of crops according to their requirement.
    In general, crops has certain circle area from which it uptakes water. crops cannot uptake water from far distance.
    So,irrigating whole surface don’t gives us good production and it causes the waste of water as well as soil.
    That is why, the concept of drip irrigation evolved.
    Drip Irrigation system is generally used in those area where there is shortage of irrigation water but it can be applied to all places as it has many advantages.
    In Drip Irrigation, water is supplied through different kinds of pipes.

    Objectives Of Drip Irrigation

    ✔️Water saving by irrigating directly to root zone of crops.
    ✔️Reducing the loss of fertile top soil.

    Types Of Drip Irrigation

    ◾Surfaced Drip Irrigation

    In this method, pipe is fitted above surface and holes are made exactly on root zone of crops from where the water drops drip out.
    ◾Sub-surfaced Drip Irrigation

    In this method, pipe is fitted below surface and holes are made exactly on root zone of crops from where the water drops drip out.

    In this, pipe is fitted (1-2) inch under the soil.

    Pipes For Drip Irrigation

    We can install 3 types of pipes for drip irrigation which are explained below:-

    Poly Tube– It is generally used in orchards where there are no proper rows or columns of plantation.
    It is simple pipe in which you have to made  holes at desired space and  buttons are to be fitted on holes.
    It can be used up to 7 years.
    ✔️Installation Cost- (25000-2700)IC/acre
    Inline Drip
    It has  inbuilt holes at certain distance and buttons are already fixed from inside the pipes.
    You can buy these pipes according to your required spacing. It is generally used for vegetables like  tomato, chilli farming.
    It can works for about 10 years after installation.
    ✔️Installation Cost=( 40000-45000)IC/acre
    Note:-These two  pipes are of different sizes(mm) and prices also differs according to their capacity.
    Pepsi drip
    It is  cheap and it is like use and throw type of pipe. It is mainly used in sugarcane farming.
    It also have inbuilt holes and buttons.
    The pipe of pepsi drip is thin. It comes in mylon(Thickness).
    It works for about (1-2)years after installation.

    ✔️Installation Cost-(18000-2000)IC/acre

    Note:- You can get subsidy in poly tube and inline drip system only. You can’t get subsidy in pepsi system.

    Drip  Irrigation materials / Setup Materials

    1.Electric motors/ Disel Engine
    These machines helps to generate power to pump out the water from wells and pond. We can use electric motors if there is availability of electricity otherwise we can use disel engine.
    2.Pressure Pump

    Pressure pump is connected to the motors or disel engine. This material pumps the water out of wells and pond by creating suction pressure.
    The water thus pumped out flows to the filter mechanism.
    3. Sand Filters

    Sand  filters are fixed inside the cylindrical metal box. Water is cleaned in filters which helps to prevent to blockage of pipes.

    Materials like Dust, Mud and Algae are filtered here.
    4.Backflow Preventer

    It is connected with filter. The water which passes through filters is clean. So, this water should flow forward in main pipe.
    This back-flow preventer prevents the returning of clean water back again into dirty water of filters.
    5.Venturi Injector

    The main pipe  from which water flows is connected with venturi injector which sucks fertilizers from any connected connector. This helps in fertigation.

    Fertigation is process of application of fertilizers by mixing with water. Drip irrigation can be effective for fertigation and it is very easy.

    What you have do is simply mix the required doses of fertilizers (N,PK) with water and it flows through pipes and all the plants gets fertilizers in equal doses.


    After venturi, the  main pipe is connected with flowmeter. Flowmeter shows the quantity of water flowing through pipe in cubic meter.
    This helps to control the amount of water to be given to crops according to their age and requirement.
    7.Final Filter

    The water flowing through the main pipe goes to the filter which separates unnecessary particles in water which were mixed during fertigation.
    After Final filter, water flows from main pipe to field pipes.

    These are rubber materials which are fixed in holes of field pipes which controls the amount of water to be drip per time from field 
    The spacing of emitters in lateral/field pipes is based on spacing of crops.
    Buttons are of different capacities of dripping water in litres. Some has 4 Ltr/hour and some has 8Ltr /hour. You can buy according to your requirement.

    Plants Suitable For Drip Irrigation

    Drip Irrigation can be applied for large range of plants. Some of the best suitable plants for 
    drip irrigation are:-


    Things To Be Careful

    🔶Drip Irrigation system should have good pump for control of pressure otherwise pipe may brust (high pressure) or water will not drip out (low pressure).
    🔶Water should be clean otherwise it may block pipes.
    🔶Filters should be used in inline drip so that it can used for long time without blockage.
    🔶Fertilizers mixed should be in proper doses otherwise it negatively affects crops.

    Advantages Of Drip Irrigation

    🔶Drip Irrigation saves water by (30-70)% as it helps to reduce evaporation and seepage loss.
    🔶All the plants in field receives equal amount of water and fertilizers by the means of fertigation.
    🔶Drip Irrigation helps to control the growth of weeds.
    🔶Drip Irrigation helps to reduce labours requirement  by 63%.
    🔶It helps to reduce dampness and lodging problem.
    🔶Drip Irrigation helps to prevent  diseases in crops.
    🔶Drip Irrigation helps to preserve fertile top soil and reduces soil erosion.
    🔶Drip Irrigation helps to increase yield in drastic amount.
    🔶We can do farming in hot and desert climate by the application of sub-surfaced drip irrigation.

    Disadvantages Of Drip Irrigation

    🔶Drip Irrigation needs some technical knowledge.
    🔶It needs regular supervision and flushing.
    Installation cost is high.
    🔶Plastic pipes can negatively affects both soil and plants in long run.
    🔶Pipes may get damaged by rodents, night frost, brusting which may increase our production  cost and we can’t get good profit.


    Drip irrigation can be sustainable and effective tool in Agriculture.
    We should apply drip irrigation to greater extend as it saves water and helps to preserve our earth.
    Government should encourage the farmers to use drip Irrigation system by providing free setup components.
    Many farmers in world commits suicide because they can’t do production due to lack of irrigation water. 
    In this scenario, drip irrigation can be life saving change in farming world.
    If you have any suggestions, do let us know in comments.
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