Duck Farming-Breeds, Brooding, Investment, Income And Marketing

Duck Farming is getting popular day by day and it is overtaking other birds farming like poultry.

Duck is a domestic bird which has weaved feet and it likes to swim in water.
People are rearing duck for many years. Initially, Duck farming was conjusted in small scale and less people were involved.
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In present scenario, people are highly attracted in duck farming business because of its many benefits and it is profitable business.
In this blog we are going to guide you on Duck Farming-Breeds, Brooding, Investment, Income And Marketing.

    Duck Farming

    Duck farming is one of the best choice among other birds farming because:-
    We can produce 2 types of eggs:- Hatching eggs and Eating eggs.
    ✔️Duck meat can be selled at higher price as its meat is cholesterol free.
    ✔️Eggs of ducks are used to make medicine of allergy and breathing problem.
    ✔️It doesn’t get infected by diseases.
    ✔️It is adaptable to both summer and winter climate.
    ✔️Duck consume almost all types of feed.
    Along with duck farming we can farm fish also as we have to made ponds.
    ✔️Care and management of duck is very easy.


    Selecting of good duck  breed is crucial task while doing duck farming because these breeds will determine our production and profit.
    We can keep 10 males for 100 females.
    Some ducks are specialized for egg production and some ducks are specialized in meat production.
    We have listed some  of the good commercial breeds of ducks:-
    ✓White pekin
    ✓Mule duck
    ✓Khaki campbell

    ✓Sylhet Mete✓Indian Runner

    Starting Number Of Ducks

    The number of ducks depends on the budget, area and want of the person who is starting the duck farming.
    It is good to start with about 2000 ducklings.


    Brooding is crucial step needed for baby ducks. Brooding can be simply understood as  the process of maintained the optimum environment with extra care which is very suitable for the growth and development of ducklings.
    Brooding is done for ducklings age of (1-20) days. During this time, they are fed with pre-strater and stater.
    After 20 days, normal feeding of duck is given to them.
    Feeds For Ducks
    ✔️leafy vegetables

    Eggs And Meat

    We can get both eggs and meat from duck.
    The main source of income is from duck eggs. Male duck is used for meat.
    During its young life, duck produce more eggs. We can get good profit by selling duck eggs but after it decreases or stops giving eggs, it should be sell for meat.
    Duck start laying eggs after 5 months of birth and continue giving for 3 months and again it makes gap of 20 days. After 20 days again it start producing eggs.
    From 2000 ducks, we can produce up to 800 eggs per day.
    ✔️we can produce 2 types of duck eggs:-
    1.Hatching Eggs
    2.Eating Eggs
    The eggs of ducks look similar to poultry eggs but it has outer thicker shell and is large than poultry egg.
    Weight of egg:- Poultry egg=50gm
                                 Duck egg=70gm
    Hatching eggs are used to produce many Ducklings(Baby Ducks) whereas eating eggs are used for consumption by making different 
    One of the main problem associated with hatching eggs of duck is it loses its fertility  at higher temperature. So, we should make cold store especially for summer to keep eggs. The temperate shouldn’t go higher than 25°C.

    Pond Making For Duck

    We need to make pond or water reservoir in duck farming because duck likes to swim.
    We can make (30×30)ft area pond. The water in pond should be clean and we should refill pond in every 15 days.
    Duck play in pond whole day and automatically return back to the shed in evening.


    Our initial and main investment is on making shed. Cost of shed(2-3 Lakhs) depends on the area and materials you are making it from.

    Another investment is at buying the ducklings. On an average, the price of a baby duck is Rs.35. So, for 2000 ducklings the investment is Rs.70,000.
    We also have to invest on feed. Pre-stater and Strater feed for duckling costs Rs. 1750/50 Kg. This 50Kg feed lasts for only 1 day for about 2000 ducklings.
    After they grow, we feed them normal duck food.The cost of feeding per duck is about Rs 3/day.
    Other investment is needed in making ponds which is required for swimming of ducks.


    We can earn by two ways in duck farming:- One by selling eggs and other from meat.
    The average price of meat is Rs.150/kg
    We have 2 types of eggs:- Hatching eggs and Eating eggs.The price of hatching eggs is higher in comparison to eggs used for eating purpose.
    The price of eating  eggs fluctuates according to the season. Price is higher in winter season in comparison to summer season because eggs consumption is high during winter season.
    But, the price of hatching eggs do not fluctuates.
    On an average, the price of duck hatching eggs is  Rs 7/egg whereas the price of normal eating egg is Rs.2/egg.
    ✔️So, Our profit in 1hatching egg is equal to:-
        =Income – investment
        =Rs 4
    We can also earn by selling ducklings.
    Note:- We can earn good profit in winter in comparison to summer season.

    Care And Management

    We need to give special care to ducklings. During night time, all the ducklings come and gather at one place. 
    Due to this one duckling sits over another. This may cause death of duckling which was under other.
    So, we need to separate them in every 15 minutes at night.
    We need to make very small ponds for ducklings. It should be kept in mind the depth of pond should be less and ducklings shouldn’t get drowned.
    After about 20 days, they can be left in big pond and there is no danger of getting drowned.


    We don’t need to worry about market of duck eggs and meat. The demand is high and production is low.

    People like to eat duck eggs and its meat also taste good
    Medical industry also buys duck eggs as it is used to make medicines.
    This is whole information on Duck Farming-Breeds, Brooding, Investment, Income And Marketing.

    If you have any suggestions, do let us know in comments below.

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