Honey Bee Farming- Setup, Techniques And Earnings

Honey Bee

☑️Bee is social insect whose hardworking habit has become the inspiration for human also.

Bee helps in different natural phenomena such as pollination and maintains the balance in nature.

Nowadays many people are highly interested in Bee farming because of its multipurpose benefits.
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Honey Bee Farming

We can earn good amount of income from bee keeping farming if we know all about bee.
In this blog, we have provided detailed information on Bee Keeping Farming.


    Bee is a small insect which lives in group maintaining their social harmony and feeds on the nectar of different flowers helping in pollination process.
    Keeping of Bee for the commercial production of honey is called Bee farming.
    Starting of Honey Bee farming is not difficult. We can start Bee keeping from 1 box also. We can later extend our business for commercial production of honey.
    Bee farming is one the brilliant idea for generating income and many people are doing it because:-
    ✔️Honey has good price and demand in market because of its many health benefits.
    ✔️Bees helps in pollination and helps to make natural processes easy.
    ✔️We can harvest 20% more crop yield in places where bees travels.
    ✔️We can harvest honey, Bee venom, Bees wax, Bee pollen, Royal Jelly and can earn more profit.

    How To Start Honey Bee Keeping Farming?

    To start honey bee farming, first we need to buy boxes to keep honey bee. Along with boxes, you should buy bee also.
    It is good and profitable to start with 50 boxes.
    There are many companies and people who sell boxes and bees.
    Then we should select certain area to keep boxes. The area should be open and should be near to the nature.
    If we start Bee farming along with flower farming, then it will be highly beneficial.

    It is great to take training in bee farming before starting it. It will helps us to gain more profit.


    We need boxes to keep honey bee. There are sheets(frames) inside the boxes in which bee sits and makes honey.
    There are about 10,000 Bees in 1 box. The price of boxes depends on number of sheets.


    Selection of variety is very important task in Bee farming because it will ultimately decide our profit.
    Some variety of Bees only sits inside box and some travels a lot.
    Here, we have provided the varieties of Bees which can be kept for commercial Bee farming:-
    ✓Italian Honey Bee
    ✓Carniolan Bee
    ✓Russian Honey Bee
    ✓Buckfast Honey Bee
    ✓caucasian Honey Bee

    Travels(Migrating Bees)

    We should travel from one place to another because there is no availability of nectar in same place for long time.
    We can travel to places where there is flower farming area  and towards hills.
    Migrating the bees from one place to another will help to harvest more honey.
    We should migrate for about 6 times in a year.

    Investment And Income

    Investment in Bee farming depends on the amount of boxes we want to keep. We can start bee farming from small investment and can gradually increase the investment.

    Buying of boxes along with bees should be done in season because the price of boxes are about RS.300-400. When season of bee farming crosses, then the price goes up to RS. 1200-1500.
    The season of Bee keeping starts in August.
    If we talk about earning, we can earn profit of about RS. 2000 in one box. Bee keeps giving birth to new ones, so we can add more boxes and earn more profit.
    We can sell honey and price of honey depends on its quality. The price of honey is about RS. 100/Kg on average.
    The real income starts after 2 years in Bee farming.
    Note:- All the price are in indian currency.

    Harvesting Of Honey

    During the season, we can harvest honey in every (4-5) days. We can earn good profit during season. This is because, flowers are more in season which makes availability of nectar.
    But, During offseason (June-July), We can get good amount of honey. We should add sugar in boxes during offseason.
    During season, we can harvest up to 10 Kg honey from one box.

    Honey Harvesting Machine

    We can harvest honey easily with  the help of machines. We should keep the sheet(frame)  in machine after removing the cover of honey.
    The cost of of machine depends on frames of machine:-
    ✓9 Frames machine= RS. 4500
    ✓8 Frames machine= Rs. 4000
    ✓6 Frames machine= Rs. 3000
    This machine can be easily bought from market.

    Care And Management

    The main thing to care is, it should be placed near nature. There should be availability of nectar in its area.
    If Bee doesn’t get proper amount of nectar, then it doesn’t produce more honey, the taste of honey will not sweet and baby bee production will also decrease and we have to face loss.
    We should keep the boxes on stand, not directly on ground. Otherwise, rain and termites destroyes the Bee.
    During summer season, Bees should be kept in shade (under tress) and during winter season Bees should be kept in sunny place.


    We can sell honey to different companies and we can sell it locally also.
    During initial phase, it is difficult in marketing but when we fits in this business, then we automatically know different peoples who buys honey.

    Problems In Bee Farming

    The main problem in Bee farming is weather. Alternative rain(cold) and sunny(hot) temperature can be dangerous to Bees.
    Some people have alergy with bees, such people can’t do Bee farming.
    We can’t get good harvest in one place only. Travelling is necessary.
    The price of honey goes up and down.

    Now that we have learn about honey bee farming, let’s learn abouts it benefits.

    Benefits Of Honey

    ◼️Honey works as medicine to cure cold and cough.
    ◼️Honey helps to sove dry skin problem and it helps to glow skin.
    ◼️Honey helps to reduce cholesterol level and helps to make stronger heart as it have anti-oxidants.
    ◼️Consuming honey daily helps to improve memory.
    ◼️Honey helps to reduce our stress and provides good sleep.
    ◼️Honey helps in healing burnts and wounds.
    This is all information on honey bee farming and its benefits.
    If you find it helpful, please share it.

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