How Many Eggs Does A Chicken Lay A Day?

How Many Eggs Does A Chicken Lay A Day?:-This is very simple question. However, As biology sometimes show the exception, Similar happens with the number of egg laid per day.


How Many Eggs Does A Chicken Lay A Day
How Many Eggs Does A Chicken Lay A Day?

The correct answer is: Hen lay one egg a day though there has been case when the chicken has laid two eggs in a day and sometimes it skips a day when it doesn’t lay a egg.There are several factors affecting the number of eggs produced. Now, We say chicken lay one egg a day, That means – 365 a year. To your disappointment, We don’t get 365 eggs in a year. In general, Layers (Egg Producing Hen) lay about 250 eggs in a year. So, Why this less if a chicken lay a egg in a day. So, To know all these process of egg formation, Read this article till end.

Mechanism Of Egg Formation

In general, Egg is divided into three parts i.e. Yolk, Albumen and Shell. Egg is a bird. It has two ovary and oviduct. However, Right ovary/oviduct isn’t functional and only left ovary/oviduct is involved in egg production.

Hen reproductive system, How many eggs does a chicken lay a day
How many eggs does a chicken lay a day?/Hen Reproductive System

The ovary produces ova. An ovary in general contains, 3600-4000 matured ova. These ova produces yolk follicle which is covered by yolk follicle membrane called vitalline membrane. This follicle membrane is covered by a network of blood vessels. Only one region lacks these vessel which is called stigma or suture line. From this area, Yolk is released into oviduct by the action of LSH hormone.

Now, Oviduct is 60-86 cm long tube like structure. It is divided into five parts namely, Infundibulum, Magnum, Isthmus, Uterus and Vagina.

As soon as the yolk is released by ovary, Infundibulum takes it up. Inside Infundibulum, Sperm is stored. So, The egg is fertilized here. In this region, There is also formation of Chalaziferous layer of egg.

Now, This fertilized ova goes on the process of egg formation. It reaches to magnum. In magnum, there is formation of inner thin layer, middle thick layer and outer thin layer of albumen.

Then – It goes to uterus where the formation of egg shell takes place. 83% if total time taken in egg formation is used up in this process. There is deposition of calcium at the rate of 2.2 initially which increases up to 5.6 within few hours. Now, As the calcium deposited and shell formation completes, the egg goes to vagina where it gets proteinaceous bloom. Now, A hen lay egg. This entire process of laying a egg a day takes 25 hours. After 30 min is laying a egg, The process again repeats.

So, This process also clears the confusion of the question, How many eggs does a chicken lay a day?. Only one.

However, There is a case when, Chicken is fed too much, two eggs are produced in a day. This is not usual.

Here is a interesting thing, While eating egg, Sometimes you found two yolk inside it. You thought you are lucky. Right? Do you know how two yolked egg forms? So, Here is the answer, Sometimes- There is maturation of two ovas at same time or sometime a ova is pushed to oviduct during which a ovulation takes place. This leads to the formation of two yolked egg.

As we get the answer of, How many eggs does a chicken lay a day, Now – It’s time to learn what cause the different in number of eggs laid overall in a year.

Factors Affecting Number Of Egg Produced

Do you know? :- In a lifetime of a hen, It can produce eggs that weights thirty time more than her body.

There are different factors affecting the number of eggs produced which are listed below:-

➡️ Breed: Breed of hen definitely governs the number of eggs laid. Chickens are divided into three groups:- Meat Type, Egg Type and Dual Purpose. So, Egg type chickens like Minorca and Leghorn are specialized in egg production. They are called layers.

➡️ Moulting: Moulting is the process by which Chicken drops its old feathers and replace them with new one. During Moulting, Number of eggs laid are reduced because the energy available is used up.

➡️ Feed: If the feed given isn’t good and rich in calcium, magnesium then, It doesn’t lay egg. Because, Hen needs calcium during egg formation.

➡️ Sometimes, Genetic factor also involves. This type of hen doesn’t lay egg in a lifetime.

➡️ Age: Hen start to lay eggs at 18 months. Then, They continuous lay egg and stopes during spring.

Final Verdict

We hope this article answer your question, How many eggs does a chicken lay a day. It helps you to understand how the egg formation occurs and what factors governs the number of egg laid by hen.

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