How Much Is A Pet Monkey: Price And Rearing Cost

Monkeys are one of the beautiful creations of mother nature. They are very close to humans, Genetically and Physiologically. Monkeys are generally wild animals, However – With improved and trained breeds available in the market, the trend of keeping a monkey as a pet is increasing especially in western countries like the USA. If you are also planning on keeping a Monkey Pet, Then – Your first question will be about money, How much is a pet monkey? Can I afford it? How much is the rearing cost? and Laws regarding keeping monkeys as pets. If you are in a dilemma, then – Don’t Worry! – You aren’t alone. To help all the people who are planning on keeping Monkey Pet, We have answered all your questions in this article. So – Keep reading to find your answers.

How much is a pet monkey
How Much Is A Pet Monkey

There are some things to consider before buying a Monkey as a pet. Time commitment is a must. Monkeys are highly social animals. Therefore, You can’t leave them alone. If you go away for hours, then – Monkey Pet isn’t for you. You need to train them regularly. They have a well developed nervous system. They learn things easily. Therefore, Training is an important aspect. If you can’t train them well, they are dangerous. Another concern lies in food. You can’t give just one kind of food as you do for a cat or dog. They require various kinds of food items. Before, you buy a Monkey – You must know about their behaviour, food habits and health. You should do at least 3 months of research before purchasing this pet animal. You can also visit with the people who keep the Monkey Pet. This way, You can get the idea of how much commitment is necessary.

The age of the monkey is pretty good. The average lifespan varies from 15 Years to 40 Years depending upon the breeds. Therefore, You should be ready to take care of this time period. Let’s dive into the main topic, i.e Price Of Monkeys.

How Much Is A Pet Monkey?

The price of a pet monkey differs according to the breed, location and seller you buy from. The average cost of Pet Monkey in the USA is 4000$ – 8000$.

The answer to, How Much Is A Pet Monkey?, Is given in two sub-headings below to make it easier for you to make a decision.

Initial Cost Of Purchasing A Pet Monkey

Monkeys are pretty expensive pets. The main cost lies in Purchasing a pet monkey. The price depends on various factors. However, Here – We have listed the general price of all pet monkey breeds in the USA:-

Monkey Breed Price
Capuchin $5,000 and $7,000
Squirrel Monkey $9,000+
Macaques $4,000 and $8,000
Spider Monkey $6,000 – $14,000
Marmoset $1,500 and $2,500
Tamarin $1,500 and $2,500
Baboon $3,500+
How Much Is A Pet Monkey

Additional Costs After Purchasing A Pet Monkey

The purchasing price of the Monkey isn’t the only money you need to spend on it. Once, You buy yourself a pet Monkey, Then- It is your duty to care for the pet. For that, There come extra expenses which are explained below. How much is a pet monkey is well calculated with these additional expenses.


Cages are necessary for adult Pet monkeys as a habitat. Their price depends on the size and quality. The cost for indoor cages is $650-$900 while the cost of outdoor cages is $1300-$3500.

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The next question after How Much Is A Pet Monkey is What to feed a pet monkey. Monkeys are omnivores. Monkey eats Fruits, Nuts, Vegetables, Insects, Chicken Meat. Ready-made food for monkeys aren’t easily available in the market. One ready-made wholesome food that you can buy is Monkey Chow. The feeding cost is 30$ a month. Some food items you can give are:- oranges, grapes, apples, pears, cantaloupe, banana, potatoes, corn, or broccoli, crickets, mealworms, and wax worms.

•Veterinary/Health Care

A routine checkup is necessary for better health. Sometimes, monkeys may suffer from diseases that need extra treatment. The average cost for health/veterinarian care is $100 for 3 months. This can go higher if your pet suffers from diseases or injuries. There are fewer veterinarians who treat Monkeys. The initial vaccine costs around $350 which is a one time expense.


Diapers are also necessary for the Monkey. The cost is around 20$ a month.

•Pet Insurance

Pet insurance plays an important role while treating diseases. The medical cost for Monkeys is high, so – It is good to get insurance. This can cost around 50$ a month.

•Entertainment (Ropes, Swings)

The cage alone isn’t enough to make your pet happy. They feel bored. In the jungle, monkeys have a habit of swinging in branches. Therefore, Some provisions for entertainment should be made available inside the cage. This includes Swings, Ropes, Blankets, Toys. The cost for these items is $100. However, They are a one-time investment.

Best Monkey Breeds As Pets


How Much Is A Pet Monkey: Price And Rearing Cost

Capuchin is a new world Monkey. They look sweet and cute during the baby stage. But, When they grow old, Capuchins are dangerous. Many people keep them as pets. They are small, agile, intelligent, and can be territorial.

2.Squirrel Monkey

How Much Is A Pet Monkey: Price And Rearing Cost

They are generally found in tropical rainforests in South America. The interesting thing about this Monkey is the Prehensile tail i.e. They can’t use their tails to grab something. They love to be in a group. That means, It is recommended to keep two Squirrel Monkeys, However – They are also troublesome. They become aggressive, especially males.


How Much Is A Pet Monkey: Price And Rearing Cost

Macaques are old world monkeys. Many people prefer them as a pet as they look cute and attractive. They require more care in comparison to other breeds.

4.Spider Monkey

How Much Is A Pet Monkey: Price And Rearing Cost

Spider Monkey is a new world Monkey. Generally, they are found in tropical forests of Central and South America, from southern Mexico to Brazil. They are cute while in their baby stage. When grown-up, Like other pets, Spider Monkeys also become Aggressive. However, Some people love to keep them as pets.


How Much Is A Pet Monkey: Price And Rearing Cost

Marmosets are small monkeys. Therefore, many people keep them as pets. However, They aren’t good to keep as pets.


How Much Is A Pet Monkey: Price And Rearing Cost

Guenon is an old-world monkey. There are about two dozen species of Guenon. Some of which can be kept as pets.


How Much Is A Pet Monkey: Price And Rearing Cost

If you want a small-sized monkey pet, They are one of the best choices. They come in different colours. The long hairs at head give them amazing looks.


How Much Is A Pet Monkey: Price And Rearing Cost

Baboons have five species. They have a dog-like muzzle and hairless pads. They are one exotic pet.

Is It Legal to Keep a Monkey as a Pet?

Monkeys are considered exotic pets. Keeping them is considered illegal in some states while other states have legalised it. We have listed the states in the USA that have allowed and the states that have banned keeping Monkey pets.

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States Legalised To Keep Monkey As Pet

North Carolina
South Carolina
West Virginia
Washington State
North Dakota
States Legalized Monkey Pet


States That Ban To Keep Monkey As Pet

Rhode Island
New Hampshire
New York
New Mexico
New Jersey
States Illigalized Money Pet


Cheapest Monkey

The cheapest Monkey breed is Marmoset which costs around $1500 in the market.

Expensive Monkey

Green Monkey is an expensive Pet Monkey that can cost up to $16,000,000.

Are Pet Monkeys Dangerous?

Yes – The Monkeys aren’t domesticated yet. Therefore, It isn’t recommended to keep them as pets. They are cute and harmless during the early stage of life however as they grow, they become aggressive. Monkeys also carry dangerous diseases which can cause serious issues.

Where You Can Buy a Monkey?

Now that you have known, How Much Is A Pet Monkey? – Then – Next thing to do is buy it. But, From where? – You can buy pet monkeys from any one of these:- Local Exotic Pet Shop and Local Breeders. There are lots of scammers in the market, so try to be cautious. You can take an experienced person with you who can guide you on judging credibility. Make sure to buy from USDA licensed breeders.


Baby monkeys are adorable. However, When they grow into adults, they become aggressive. It is difficult to control them. Keeping a Monkey as a pet isn’t as easy as keeping a Dog or Cat. The recommendation is not to keep Monkey Pet.

This is the whole information on How Much Is A Pet Monkey: Price And Rearing Cost.