How to differentiate male and female flowers in any crop

Male and female flowers

Differentiating male and female flowers can be difficult if you don’t know exact technique.

So, in this blog we have provide trick to identify male and female flowers.

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Male and female flower differentiation

Flowers are the reproductive parts of plant. Without flowers we can’t get our fruits.

There are male and female flowers in any plant. Generally the number of male flower is more than female flower. As we know, fruit lies in female flowers, it is profitable to develop more female flowers in a crop.

For this you can apply 3G cutting technique which is very effective and easiest way to increase female flowers and ultimately the production.

But, wait!!! How can we differentiate male and female flowers in a crop.

Differentiating male and female flower is not so difficult if you know the exact technique.

So, we are giving the right way to differentiate male and female flowers in a crop.

Lets begin….

Male And Female Flower Differentiation

So, look, we can differentiate  male flowers and female flowers  by looking at the length of their penducle (stem or support of flower).

From the main stem, the peduncle rises. So, if the length of peduncle is more and it blooms at certain distance from main stem, then it is male flower.

Another way is, you can look inside flowers and you can see many small white balls called pollens. This is male flower.

If the length of penducle is small i.e. it doesn’t go far from main stem of crop. Then it is female flower. It remains close to main stem.

Another way

Female flower contains stigma, style and ovary. And male flower only contains anther and filament. If you become able to know these parts of flowers, then you can easily identify the male and female flowers in a crop.

Bonus Topic

Now, that we have learn to differentiate between male and female flower, let’s learn the process of hand pollination

Hand Pollination

Hand pollination is artificial pollination technique in which we(human) transfer the pollens from male to female flower.

This can be done by two ways:-

1.By using paint brush

In this method, what you have to do is, you identify male and female flowers and you opens male flower. Now, you can see pollens inside male flowers. Now, gently rub the brush over the anther to catch the pollens in brush. Then you rub that brush on stigma of female flower.

2.By dropping the pollens into female flower

In this method, you pluck out the male flower (as it doesn’t produce fruits), then you removes the outer petiols of flower and expose anther full of pollens.

Now, you insert it inside female flower and rub anther over stigma. This causes pollination.

Tip:- This hand/artificial method of pollination is easy to done in morning as flowers are open in morning and you don’t have to side the petiols to expose reproductive parts of flower.

This is whole information on how to differentiate male and female flowers and how to do hand/artificial pollination.

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