How To Grow Large Roses?- 6 Tips You Must Know

Large Rose Flowers

Rose is one of the most beautiful flower that many people grow in thier home for aesthetic beauty.

Some people and companies grow rose for commercial purpose like to make bouquet.

For all use of rose and beauty, large sized rose is very much attractive and liked by everyone.

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Grow Large Roses

If the size of flowers is large, then it will add more visual beauty and attractiveness.

Many people who are cultivating roses are getting small sized flowers. Thier flowers fall at young age and they cannot make their rose plant look attractive.

So, to solve this problem we are giving the package of best fertilizers and other techniques that you can use to get large sized rose flowers.

The techniques that we are providing here can be easily used in our home.

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    So lets get started..

    A.By Using Fertilizers

    1.Banana Peels

    Banana peels helps to increase size of flowers. It is more effective especially in Rose.

    If we directly use the peel, then it doesn’t show it effect at optimum condition. The right technique to use banana peels is by fermenting these peels.

    After fermentation, the release of nutrients increases. Fermentation makes nutrients easily available to rose.

    Fermentation process:-  In fermentation what you have to do is, first you take a jar or large bottle. It is better to use glass materials for fermentation.

    First you cut the peels into small pieces. Then, pour water inside vessel containing banana peels. Some banana peels comes up due to upthrust of water. So, you can add some weight(stones) above banana peels.

    After that, you should close the mouth of vessel. The best way to close is by using piece of cloth.

    After closing the mouth of vessel, you let that setup remain for 1 week. If you see black mould inside vessel, then your fermentation process has gone wrong. You should start from begining.

    After 1 week of fermentation, you take out the  banana peels and grind them in mixi to make banana peels paste.

    Then you can apply that paste to plants(once a week). You can also add epsom salt (once a month). This will increase the size of flowers and you can get large sized roses. 

    Actually, banana peel is rich in potassium which increases size of flowers.

    2.Bone meal

    Bone meal is rich in calcium and phosphate. Use of bone meal will also increases the size of flowers.

    Tip:- Best Mixture Of Fertilizers Is=
    100Gm Bone meal+ 100Gm of Cow dung+ 50Gm Super phosphate+ 25Gm potash+ 25Gm sufala=300Gm

    Use:- 30 to 50 gm for each plant(Once in a month).

    This mixture will blooms 10 times more flowers in Rose.

    B.By Planting Hybrid-T Roses

    When you first buy the roses, you should buy hybrid varieties. H-T roses has large blossoms.

    Some varities blossoms small flowers. These are called button rose. You shouldn’t select these flower if you want large sized roses.

    C.Sunlight and use of neem oil

    For good sized flowers, you should keep roses in full sunlight for about (6-7)hrs/day.

    You should spray neem oil to roses. It will keep the insects away and you can get large flowers.

    D. Dead-heading

    Dead-heading of dry and unwanted branches, dry flowers is very necessary.

     After deadheading, the plant doesn’t need to feed those branches. This food will be now used to make other flowers big.

    Deadheading also increases the number of flowers in roses as new branches develops from deadheading point.

    E.Do not over-water

    Irrigation should be done in controlled manner. Over-watering can cause fungus attack.

    Due to this, plant will slowly dry and its growth will stop ultimately.

    So, watering should be done according to the requirement of plant in order to get large sized roses.

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    F.Remove Rose Suckers

    Suckers are new branches which develops from the base of rose plant.

    Removal of rose suckers will ultimately makes rose plant grows faster and healthier and we can get large flowers.

    So, these are top 6 techniques by the application of which you can get large amount of large sized roses.

    Please comment your ideas below. Your comments will be highly appreciated.

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