How to solve covid-19 impact on food and agriculture.

Covid-19, Food and Agriculture

As we all know corona virus has become the most dangerous virus in world which has taken life of many people in world.

It has also created huge negative impact on food and agriculture.

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Under this very difficult situation of covid-19, it is necessary to reduce the pandemic effect on food and agriculture.

Solving pandemic effect on food and agriculture 

COVID-19 continues to create chaos on many countries. National lockdown strategy has been adopted by most of the countries.

Millions of people around the world depend on international trade for their food security and livelihoods.

This lockdown strategy imposed as COVID-19 protective measures (border closer, restriction of movement, community quarantine and market, food chain, trade disruption) that have significantly affected agriculture production, food supply and demand.

Globally, around 820 million people are experiencing chronic hunger. Food chain is supply is disrupted.

 Protectionist measures adopted by the government of all the country has made agriculture trade barrier, suspending nation-wide transportation. This has created high volatility.

Agriculture production is hampered due to restriction in free movement of people. Export restriction created shortage on global market.

In the midst of COVID-19lockdowns, along with protecting the health and wellbeing of citizens, countries must ensure  that there is food supply. And for this, food trade should follow as freely as possible to avoid food crisis.

Food producers and workers at processing and retail level should be given
special protection to minimize the spread of covid-19,to guarantee that the information regarding food trade, level of production, consumption, stock available should be provided to all in real time.

Food companies can play a great role in this crisis. Several food organization have already responded to COVID-19 by  delivering food to marginalized family all over the world.

 Food networks must continue to feed the world during the global pandemic. People will stay home when they get the food they need.

So, countries need to make sure people are provided with the necessary items.

Extension and advisory should support the farmers working in the field by providing them the market information, safety measures should be adopted during the processing, pickup workers and product delivery.

COVID-19 pandemic seems to be freakish challenge faced by the world. It reteaches us that prevention is far better than cure.

So, the government, its agencies, all the extension services should jointly work on the protective measures of spread of disease and safeguard the economy.

Now, we need to act responsibly and work together to enhance food safety and nutrition for the welfare of people all around the world.

We must make sure covid-19 response doesn’t create any shortage of food and necessary items and people won’t die of hunger and malnutrition.

This is some idea on how to solve covid-19 impact on food and agriculture.

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