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Hydroponics Farming

Farming system in the agricultural world is changing day by day as more advanced and innovative technics are being introduced.

One of the innovative and magical way of farming that is growing popularly in world is soil-less culture.

Fact:- Soil is not necessary for crop or plant to grow instead nutrient in soil is needed.
Soil just provides the anchorage or support to stand up the plant i.e. soil is just a medium. That is why amount of soil doesn’t decrease after cultivation.

Generally people grows crops in field i.e. in soil. Soil provides all the nutrients required for the growth and development of crops.

In soil-less culture, we grow crops either in water or in air medium.

The growth of crops by the help of water (no use of soil) is called hydroponics.

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Similarly, the growth of crops by vertical expansion (by air) is called areoponics.

In this blog post, we will discuss the idea of how to grow crops by hydroponic method.

    Let’s begin…

    What is hydroponics?

    Hydroponics is made up of two words:- Hydro and ponics. Hydro means water and ponics means work. The whole work is of water.

    So, Hydroponics can be defined as the method of soilless cultivation in which the mineral nutrients required for crops by supplied by dissolving in water.

    Hydroponics can be done in controlled condition like polyhouse, Greenhouse  or in open places.

    The production by hydroponics process is more than soil culture.

    Note:- All crops cannot be grown by hydroponics. Mostly leafy crops and vegetables are suitable to grow by the use of hydroponics.

    Places To Start Hydroponics.

    We don’t need large area for doing hydroponics. You can start hydroponics in small area.

    We can do this soilless culture even in terrace of house or it can be done in lage extension in fields.

    Material Needed For Hydroponics.

    To start hydroponics, we need to have some materials like:-

    1.Pipes with holes for the flow of water.

    2.Inert substrate for support like cocopit, pebbles which do not react with water (Soil cannot be used).

    3.Nutrient fertilizers which are to de dissolved in water.

    The materials needed for hydroponics are easily available in market or you can buy them online.

    Investment cost for Hydroponics

    The cost to start hydroponics depends on the area you are willing to cultivate. The larger the are the more will be the cost.

    We have provided estimated cost for hydroponics dependent on area:-

    1. For 200 sq. Foot= $1000
    2.For 200 to 5000 sq. Foot= $1000 to $10,000

    Tips:-For just a try, you can do hydroponics at no cost at your home.

    You take a bucket and fill it water. The upper open area should be covered with net and then you put a thin cloth over net.

    Then you can spread the seeds on cloth. The cloth should touch the water and should be wet. You can add fertilizers in water.

    How to start Hydroponics?

    For any crop to grow, three things are essential without which cultivation is impossible. These three things are:-


    We can use long pipes. In pipes we should make holes(Only on upper side) from which plant grows. We can use a plastic cup which should be filled with cocopit or other granules for support to plant.

    There must be holes in plastic cup. Then we sow the seeds and put that setup inside the holes in pipe. Then water is flowed through pipe. This water has got dissolved essential nutrients requires for crops.

    The water flows through pipe. You can make sloped pipe so that the water flows with the help of gravity or you can use electric power for the flow of water.

    The water can be reused so that it reduces investment cost.

    The water contains dissolved N, P, K, S, Zn and other essential nutrients which are supplied according to the needs of plant.
    It is somehow like the use of fertigation.

    Note:- The water used in Hydroponics should be moniter very carefully. The dissolved nutrients should be mixed in appropriate proportion. For eg:- If we dissolve more urea, then it can decrease pH and plant can die. So, there should be proper management of nutrient supply.

    Process Of Hydroponics

    Hydroponics is 2 step process which are explained below:-

    1st Step:- At first seeds needs to be grow in other mediums. Seed directly can’t absorb the nutrients from water. First of all it needs roots. So, it is cultured till it develops very small roots.

    2nd Step:- After the roots are evolved, then it is transferred to hydroponics. Then the nutrient dissolved in water are easily absorbed by crops and it grows well and fast.

    So, until now, we got information on how to start Hydroponics farming.

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    Pros And Cons Of Hydroponics

    A.Cons of Hydroponics

    1.It is expensive. Many people can’t afford the materials to start hydroponics.

    2.It is very complex and needs well information on how to do hydroponics.

    3.Hydroponics is not suitable for all crops.
    For eg:- You cannot grow sugarcane in hydroponics.

    4.The management of fluid(water) is very complex.

    5.If there is any mistakes, the whole crops will be destroyed because same water is flowing for every plant.

    B.Pros of Hydroponics

    1. It is very much great for leafy vegetables like tomato, spinach etc.

    2.Hydroponics cultivation saves water and fertilization as there is no problem of water leakage or evaporation.

    Note:-Hydroponics conserves 80-90% of water while Drip Irrigation conserves only 20-30% of water.

    3.No use of herbicides and pesticides as they do not comes and interfare the cultivation.

    4.Hydroponics gives high and quick yield. For eg:-  Soil culture produces about 10 ton in 1 ha while hydroponics produces 50 ton in same area.

    5.Hydroponics is the future of farming in Agriculture. It can be used in vertical farming.

    This is whole information on how to start Hydroponics farming easily and in scientific way.

    If you have any additional knowledge on hydroponics, do let us know in comments.

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