Impact of corona virus on world’s agriculture production

Covid-19 and Agriculture

During this pandemic time of corona virus, many people have lost their life. This corona virus has become greatest disaster to mankind in this century.

We can call corona virus as economic virus because  it has affected whole supply and demand chain.

Corona virus has affected many sector. One of the sector in world which is most affected by COVID-19 is Agriculture. There is immense loss of agricultural products.

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Corona virus effect on Agriculture

In this blog, we are going  to discuss about “Impact of corona virus on world agriculture”.


The global pandemic of Corona virus has affected agriculture of many countries. Some of the effects are listed in points:-

1.Many products like vegetables, fruits, grains, wool, meat, milk are affected very much.

2.The main problem that covid  -19 has caused is that, there are many perishable products like fruits in containers. These products are not getting market. This cause the rotting of these agricultural products and can cause huge loss to farmers.

3.Due to corona virus pandemic, many farms are not able to get labours, infrastructure, consumer demand. Due to this many big farms has come to close. This is great loss to world agriculture.

4.At the time of world lockdown, many agricultural crops have ripen which are not still get market. Due to this million tons of vegetables like tomato have rotten.

5.Tons of milk are thrown due to lack of transport and people demand. The main irony is that, somewhere the food is being wasted but somewhere people are dying due to starvation.

6.Millions of people have their jobs in agricultural sectors. As many big farms have closed there are millions of jobless people.

7.people are taking hard decision of destroying their crops in their field.

8.Most of resturant and hotels are closed due 
to which consumption of milk, meat and other agricultural products are severely reduced.

Examples of  corona virus effect on Agriculture.

=poultry farmers in Delaware and Maryland say that they were forced to kill  2 millions chickens because there are not enough health employees to process them.

Thus, it is crystal clear that corona virus pandemic has very much negative effect on Agriculture.

If you have any ideas on how to utilize  these wasted agricultural products, please comment below.

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