Krishi Diary 2076/77/78 Pdf Download

In this blog post, we are providing you the krishi diary of year 2076 B.S, 2077 B.S and Krishi diary 2078 B.S If you are preparing for Loksewa, BSc Ag, Vet, Forestry, IOE, JT/JTA  or Provincial level(Bagmati) technical officer, Excellent English can be a best choice for you.  If you want to get krishi Diary … Read more

Career Options With Psychology Degree- 7 Best Jobs

Carrier Options With Psychology Degree Scope and job opportunities are main thing that students consider while choosing any subject. In this article, we will be learning about the psychology jobs. Before we start- I want you to look at this data of students which shows the destination of psychological students:- Destination Percentage Employed 63.7 Further … Read more

Krishi Bikash Bank Lokshewa Questions(2067-2074)BS

Agricultural Development Bank Nepal all questions In this blog post, we have provided all the lokshewa aayog questions of krishi bikash bank (NADB) from the year 2067BS TO 2074BS. We have provided these question papers in pdf form. Krishi bikash bank all question You can get the pdf of all question by clicking here👉ALL QUESTIONS. … Read more