Mealy bugs problem:-Easiest remedy at home

Mealybug or white insects problem

Mealybug is a small white insects that destroy our crops. Its size is very small but it can cause big problems to our crops.

Many people are worried about mealybug problem in their crops.

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Mealy bugs problem and solution

So, Today we are going to discuss the effective and easiest way to get rid of mealybug or white insects on crops.

So, let’s begin…


Mealybug problem is common in plants having soft stem which has great sap and can be easily sucked out.

This problem is seen in crops like tomato, cucumber, brinjal etc. Hibiscus is also greatly affected by mealybug or white insects.

Mealy bugs are soft bodied insects and they are white in colour so called white insects.

One thing we need to know is, when we see mealy bugs in our crops, we also see ants there. Wherever mealy bugs appears, there appears ants.

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The reason of appearing mealy bugs and ants together is that:-

Ants and Mealy bugs have very good relationship among them. They help each other. There is mutualism.

Actually what happens there is, Melay bugs feeds on stem and leaves of plant and abstract sugar solution (Sap). This sap is food of plant.

Now, these mealy bugs provides this sap to ants for feeding. In return, Ants protect the mealy bugs from other insects.

This cause huge loss to crop. So, let’s discuss about its solution.

Easiest way to solve mealy bug problem

People uses different types of chemicals to get rid of mealy bugs. But, they are not able to get rid of them.

In this blog, we have provided the easiest way to get rid of them at home by using home things. The trick is:-

We are going to use shampoo to get rid of them. Yes, shampoo can control problems of mealy bugs.

You can use any shampoo you have at your home. Take  3/4 ml of shampoo and add it on 1 litre of water. This concentration depends upon the severity of your mealy bugs problem.

Now, what you have to do is, you just spray the mixture solution in affected plant. You should spray in  both upper and lower sides of leafs and stems.

The solution can be sprayed by the help of different kinds of sprayers. You can also use sprayers that are used in baber shop.

The best time to spray the solution is evening. The reason is, during day time there is direct sunlight and evaporation is high. So, your solution can also get evaporated at day.

So, evening is best time to spray solution for its better results.

This method can re repeated in a week.

Is it harmful and chemical?

It is chemical but it is not harmful to crops. When you water, it gets washed down to soil.

However if you want to do full organic, there is availability of organic shampoo which can also be used to reduce mealy bug problem.

So, this is full information on mealybug problem and its solution.

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