Identification Of Animals

Identification Of Animals is defined as the process of marking animals for their easy and scientific care and management.

There are different method of identification of animals such as Branding, Tagging,Tattooing and Ear notching.


Identification is primary requirement of animals for their improvement. It helps in keeping and ultimately in knowing the information about each and every farm animals.


For a farm manager, identification is one of the major task as it ultimately helps in increasing the production of farm in drastic way.

methods of identification of animals
Identification Of Animals


Before we directly go on learning the Methods Of Identification Of Animals, Let’s learn about the objectives and materials used in animal identification.

Objectives Of  Animal Identification

There are certain goals or objectives that are planned to be obtained after doing every task. Similar is with the case of identification of animals. Here are the top objectives of animal identification:-

1.To be able to know performance of individual animal.

2.Helps for farm record keeping.

3.To be able to detect animals in their herd.

4.To be able to run a farm progressively.

5.To be able to maintain health of individual farm animals.


Materials Used In Methods Of Identification Of Animals

•Aluminium tags

•Tattooing forceps

•Ear notcher

•Branding rod


•Tincture of iodine


Now – Here comes our main point of this article i.e. Methods Of Identification Of Animals.

Methods Of Identification Of Animals


Branding is one the most commonly used method of identification of animals. It is generally  for identification of cattle, buffalo, horse and camel. In this method, we use a branding rod which is marked from 0-9 OR A-Z.

A heated figures/letters of symbols is gently pressed on the body of animals by placing on branding rod. It causes partial burning of tissue and produces a permanent scar of the identical shape. A little antiseptic may be smeared over the burns to encourage healing.


Branding is also done by cold stamping iron. In this type of branding, a branding liquid(liquid N2) is used and the stamp is dipped in that liquid and then applied in the same way as with hot iron. In this type of branding, the wound takes considerable time to heal.



Tags or tabels are made of light metal, aluminium or strong plastic with the numbers stamped on them.


Tags are fixed generally to ear with special tagging machine or forceps. There are two types of ears tags:-


1.Self-piercing type:- In this method, tags are pierced in ear.

2.Non-piercing type:- Tags that requires a hole in ear made with an ear punch. There is already a hole in ear and tags are inserted in hole.


Generally, tags are inserted within one third  of the way out from the base of the ear, generally on upper edge of the ear with number on top.


Tagging is mostly used for marking sheep and goats. The demerits of tags is:- It may get lost while animals go on feeding in bush.



It is the method of punching several holes with a dye in the form of numbers or letters through the skin on the inner side of ear and then filling them with tattoo ink or vegetable pigment.


Tattooing is most suited method of identification of animals for new born calves and pigs.



This method is mostly used to mark pigs, though it can be used in other animals. It comprises cutting V-shaped or O-shaped notches at specified places along the borders of ear by means of a pair of sharp scissor or notchers, a notch represents number depending on its location whether in the top, bottom or end of ear and which ear it is in.

Method of Identification of animals
Pig Ear Notching


Thus – These were the best four methods of identification of animals which are most commonly used and cover large number of domesticated animals.


Procedure Of Method Of Identification Of Animal  (Sheep)

•Firstly, a healthy sheep should be selected from the shed of sheep. Then it should be kept on ground, catching all limbs in such a way that it create minimum discomfort to the sheep.


•The point to tag should be searched and selected. The selected point to tg should be about 1/3rd position from the base and 2/3rd from tip of ear.


•The point should with tincture of iodine. Then plastic tag should be placed in the ear with the help of tagging forceps.


Identification Procedure Of Sheep


Pros Of Identification Of Animals

1. It helps in scientific management of farm animals.

2.It helps to locate and care diseased animals from herd.

3.It helps in farm record keeping.

4. It helps to arrange animals according to their health, pregnancy and production.


Precautions During Identification Of  Animals

•Animal should be caught on ground in such a way that it feels minimum discomfort.

•Antiseptic should be used before and after tagging.

•Tag should be placed in proper position in the forceps.

•veins should be noticed properly and it shouldn’t be pierced.

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