Motorized Bucket Milking Machine-Working, Price And Advantages

Milking machine has become one of greatest innovation in agri-technology which has made the work of dairy farm much more easier and faster.

We all know, milking with our hand is laborious and tedious job to do. It takes time and we have to spend hours on milking cattles if we have large farm. But, Motorized milking machines solves this problem and can even replace labours in farm.

Nowadays, different companies are providing different types of milking machine.People who are running their dairy farm want to buy these machines.

But, due to lack in knowledge, sometime they buy machine and that machine doesn’t work for longer time. It wastes our money.

While buying milking machines some questions arises in our mind like:-

✔️Which company/brand milking machine should we buy?

✔️What number of buckets is good in milking machine?

✔️How much pressure should be in milking machine?

So, While buying these milking machine we should keep few things in consideration.

In this blog, we are going to guide you on Motorized Bucket Milking Machine-Working, Price And Advantages along with some things to be considered while buying motorized milking machine.

    Milking Machine

    There are 2 types of milking machine. First- Manual milking machine in which one has to use muscle power and Second-Motorized milking machine in which all the power is supplied through motor power.

    The power is supplied to moter with the help of electricity. But, we have to keep oil engine or generator in case of electricity cut off.These will work as backup powers.

    Parts Of Milking Machine

    Before we buy any milking machine, we should have proper knowledge on different parts of milking machine. 

    We can learn about the parts of milking machines by observing this picture of motorized bucket milking machine:

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    Milking Machine

    10 Things To Be Considered While Buying Milking Machine

    1.The rubber inflation of milk claws should be of good quality, soft  and shouldn’t have too much pressure.

    2.The size of bucket should be of 30 litres( For less cattles, size should be less). This will saves our time as many animals can be lactate at once. It saves our time. The problem with Small sized buckets is it  need to made empty many times as it fills faster.

    3.The base of milking machine bucket should be of good area i.e large according to height and volume. This will prevent our bucket from
    falling on ground.

    4.The bucket should be made of up stainless steel. It helps to keep milk free of contaminations.

    5.The milking machine should be galvanized(not coloured). Colour will fade out and that part may be accumulated with rust. So, galvanized machine prevents rusting and can be used for longer duration.

    6.The milk claw and pipelines of milking machine should be transparent as it helps us to see the flow of milk.

    7.The on/off switch should be fixed in motor of milking machine.

    8.The pulsator of milking machine should be of good quality.

    9.Vaccum gauge should be of good quality and should be fixed in one place.

    10.All the parts of milking machine should be of same company/brands.

    Price Of Bucket Milking Machine

    The price of one bucket milking machine is about Rs.40,000 IC  on average.

    Problem Created By Milking Machine.

    1.If the quality of rubber/inflation is bad, then it cuts the teats of cattle.

    2.Using milking machine for long time can cause problem of mastitis. So, regular care should be done.

    Things That Should Be Considered While Milking With Machine

    1.The teats of diary animals should be clean.

    2.The buckets of milking machine should be properly cleaned.

    3.The rubber/inflation should be properly fixed on teats.

    4.The pressure should be appropriate(5Kg/cm sq-8Kg/cm sq) . High pressure can hamper the animal and if pressure becomes low, no milk will be sucked out. The pressure level is shown by pressure guage.

    Advantages Of Milking Machine

    1.Milking machines lactate one animal within (6-7)minutes.

    2.Milking machines helps to replace labours and reduces investment cost of farm.

    3.The amount of milk yield can be increased by 10%.

    4.We can store milk in buckets for (2-3) hours.

    5.Milking machine saves our time which can be invested in other works of farm.

    Thus, milking machine can be the good tool for dairy farmers. Government should allow subsidy in milking machines to encourage farmers.

    This is whole information on Motorized Bucket Milking Machine-Working, Cost And Advantages.

    If you have ang suggestions, do let us know in comments.


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