Nutrient deficiency syndrome shown by maize leaves

Nutrient deficiency syndrome in maize

Different plants show different symptoms to different nutrient deficiency. In this blog, we have provided the detailed information on nutrient deficiency syndrome in maize.

These nutrient deficiency symptoms shown by maize plant can be easily identified by observing their leaves.

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Different nutrient deficiency symptoms is shown by maize leaf which are discussed below:-


Normal leaf of maize plant  is uniformly green. No other colours are seen. They have good length and width. Sufficient nitrogen helps in good vegetative growth.

If amount of nitrogen is in optimum condition, the maize plant grows way faster.

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During to deficiency of Nitrogen(N), there is yellowing of leaves from tip. The yellowing of leaf is shown in “V” shape.

The yellowing starts from tip covering full width of leaves and yellowing becomes narrower as we move downward near midrib.

In this case, we should apply nitrogenous fertilizers like urea.


Deficiency of phosphorous(P) causes purpling of leaf. The purpling is at the edges of leaves.

We can apply DAP for phosphorous deficiency.


Deficiency  of potassium(K)  cause yellowing of leaf is shown in inverted “V” shape structure. Yellowing start from tip and it moves towards edges as we move downward.

It looks opposite to N-deficiency.  We should apply the fertilizers like SSP, DSP, TSP to cover potassium deficiency.


Zn and Mg deficiency shows similar types of deficiency syndrome.

In zn and Mg deficiency tip burning issue are shown in leafs. The tip and side edge of leaves becomes black or brown. They also show stunted growth.

Other different kinds of deficiency symptoms are shown by plants. These are symptoms shown by maize plant which can be identified by observing leaves of the plant.

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