Stone Lotus Flowers: Plant Care And Benefits

Stone Lotus Flower: Gardeners like me love to grow succulents for their eye-appealing foliage beauty. While growing these succulents, we need to be well aware of their growing requirements. If we don’t care for them properly, we may lose our plant. We don’t want that to happen, right? What if we are provided with easy … Read more

Khaira Disease Of Rice

Khaira Disease Of Rice Khaira disease Of Rice is micro-nutritional(Zn) deficiency  characterized by the presence of dusty brown patches on leaves which ultimately undergo necrosis.   This is one the most common disease in rice. As it affects the leaf of plant-the rate of photosynthesis decreases which ultimately causes (25-30)% production loss.   The disease … Read more

10 Glycolysis Steps With Enzymes

Glycolysis Steps With Enzymes:-Glycolysis is an enzymatic pathway of  breaking down of Glucose(6’C Compound) into two molecules of Pyruvate(3’C Compound) in order to produce ATP-which acts as an energy bank.   In simple:- Glycolysis= Glyco + Lysis . Here, Glyco means Glucose and Lysis means Breakdown i.e. Breakdown of Glucose molecule.   In this blog … Read more

Mushroom Farming In Nepal

Mushroom farming in Nepal is increasing at rapid pace and has helped many youths to start their own business. Nepal, Being an agricultural country its  majority of population(66%) is engaged in agriculture. Despite of  this much population involved in agriculture,the domestic production  does not meet the annual demand of the country and  import of food … Read more

16 Surprising Benefits Of Being A Vegetarian

Benefits Of Being A Vegetarian:-Being a Vegetarian is something that can make us feel different from others. People choose to become a vegan due to many reasons such as – Health Issues, Moral Values, Religious Beliefs, Economic, Ecological and sometimes due to Dietary concern.   There has always been a nutritional debate on, Which is … Read more

Layout Design Of An Orchard Gardening

Layout design of an orchard is heart of orchard as it gives ultimate look to our orchard garden which makes it aesthetically beautiful with easy to operate management practices.   External framework, Spacing, Planting spot, Road and irrigation are top 5 things that should be considered while designing layout of an orchard.   The mistakes … Read more

3g Cutting In Plants ( Within 5 Steps)

Most of us have listen the word 3g in case of network. 3g network increases our internet speed. But-Do you know- There is a technique called 3g cutting in plants that increases our plant production in geometric ratio.   If we know the exact technique of 3g cutting, then you can increase our production in … Read more

Pomfret Fish Benefits And Nutritional Values

Pomfret is a group of 35 different types of marine fish species which comes under a same family Bramidae. Pomfret fish benefits are amazing. That’s why, it is more prefered among different fishes and has got  a good market value.   Pomfret fish are greatly distributed in different parts of three oceans i.e Pacific, Atlantic … Read more

All About Teak Wood Farming

All About Teak Wood Farming

Introduction:- Teak Farming is in growing trend all over the world as it’s demand is increasing day by day in National and International market. From this growing trend Nepal also can’t get untouched for long time. Teak farming in Nepal is gaining popularity day by day.   Teak plant is one of the fast growing … Read more

Horizontal And Vertical Resistance In Plants

Horizontal And Vertical Resistance In Plants

Horizontal and Vertical resistance in plants are the opposing force or blocking force that protects the plants from the attack of different pathogens.   Different plants has thier own ability to fight against pathogenic attack. These plants are called resistant plants while  Some plants are highly resistant and some are easily attacked by pathogens. Such … Read more