Mealy bugs problem:-Easiest remedy at home

Mealybug or white insects problem Mealybug is a small white insects that destroy our crops. Its size is very small but it can cause big problems to our crops. Many people are worried about mealybug problem in their crops. Mealy bugs problem and solution So, Today we are going to discuss the effective and easiest … Read more

Nutrient deficiency syndrome shown by maize leaves

Nutrient deficiency syndrome in maize Different plants show different symptoms to different nutrient deficiency. In this blog, we have provided the detailed information on nutrient deficiency syndrome in maize. These nutrient deficiency symptoms shown by maize plant can be easily identified by observing their leaves. Different nutrient deficiency symptoms is shown by maize leaf which … Read more

Aloe Vera Farming Process And Benefits

Aloevera farming Aloevera with thousands of use is now  being popular among different farmers. Aloevera is fleshy plant which is small in size and produces many fleshy succulent leaves. ALOE VERA FARMING It is use in medicine industry,  cosmetic, oil industry. So, its demand is also high in market and we can earn good profit … Read more

How to start Hydroponics farming।। Expert Guides

Hydroponics Farming Farming system in the agricultural world is changing day by day as more advanced and innovative technics are being introduced. One of the innovative and magical way of farming that is growing popularly in world is soil-less culture. Fact:- Soil is not necessary for crop or plant to grow instead nutrient in soil … Read more