Rabbit Farming-Guides,Benefits And Income

☑️Rabbit is very adorable animal which is reared either for mental pleasure or for commercial purpose.
We have seen rabbit in our lifetime and most of has played with it.
Nowadays,  people are interested in Rabbit farming.
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Rabbit Farming
Many people don’t know about the idea and guides of rabbit farming though it has immense potential cause very less people are involved in Rabbit farming.
In this blog, we have provided brilliant article on Rabbit rearing and its commercial farming.

    Rabbit Farming

    Rabbit farming is growing farming business which is being popular day by day.
    We don’t need large area and large number of rabbit to start this business. We can start rabbit farming from less number of rabbits.
    After rearing some rabbits, if you become sure you can do well in this field, then you can
    start commercial rabbit farming.
    We can also get trainings on rabbit farming from where we can get good information.

    Why Rabbit Farming Is Good?

    ✔️Meat of Rabbit is cholesterol free (White meat) due to which it is good for heart patient 
    also. So, it has good price and good demand.
    ✔️Rabbit is used to make vaccine needed for pigs.
    ✔️Rabbit doesn’t need too much care.So, it is easy to farm.
    ✔️Rabbit farming can also be used for wool production.
    ✔️Gestation period of Rabbit is very short i.e 30 days and it matures fast.
    ✔️Feeding of Rabbit is very easy.
    ✔️Besides commercial production, it gives us mental pleasure and we becomes healthy.


    Selection of good breeds according to climatic condition is very essential because it will ultimately ensures our profit.
    There are rabbit with furs and without furs.
    Here, we have provided some breeds of rabbit for commercial production:-
    🔹White Giant
    🔹Angora Rabbit
    🔹Rex Rabbit
    🔹Dutch rabbit
    🔹Soviet chinchilla
    🔹Newzealand white
    🔹Sliver fox


    A female rabbit gives birth to about 5 rabbit area on an average.
    We need 3 male for 7 female rabbits. That is, we keep 10 rabbits in 1 unit(cage).
    On an average,100 Rabbits give birth to about 350 bunnies in every 350 days.
    After bunnies attain weight of about 2kg, then they are ready to sell.


    The feeding of rabbit is very easy. Feeding materials of Rabbit includes:-
    ✓Green grass like Barseem, Lucrene
    ✓Oil cakes
    ✓Green vegetables
    These all feeding materials doesn’t costs high.

    Working Hour

    We don’t need more work in rabbit farm. Main work is feeding and cleaning. Sometime, medicine should be given to sick rabbit.
    On an average, we need to work for (3-4) hours in day in rabbit farming.

    Investment And Income

    We need cages, feeder box, delivery box and other utensils. We can also make shades under which cage units are kept.
    ✔️Without shade, for about 100 Rabbits, we need investment cost of about 3 lakh(IC). We need extra 1.5 lakh(IC) for shade.
    This cost also depends on the way and interest how you want to make setup.
    The above metioned cost are fixed cost(which are  one time investment).
    Rabbit farming also needs variable cost which needs to invest in feeds, care and management, medicine, caring during delivery.
    If we talk about Income. Rabbit farming has got attractive income. We can earn mainly by selling meat.
    Rabbit  meat costs Rs(250-300)/kg. So, we can get profit.
    We can also sell baby rabbit. One female rabbit can give birth to 5 baby rabbit.
    ✔️We can sell about 350 bunnies in every 45 days. We can earn about 1 lakh and 40 thousand by selling these bunnies.
    The investment cost of about 100 rabbit is recovered within 1.5 years. From next year, we can get more profit.
    From 100% income, about 30% income will be our profit (25000-3000 IC per month).

    Note:- All the price are in indian currency.
    It can be exported different parts of country and is also used to make vaccines for pig medication.So, there are multipurpose use.


    During initial phase, marketing of Rabbit is quite difficult. But, once you develop your networks, you don’t need to worry about its marketing.
    People are nowadays attracted to consume rabbit meat. As it is cholesterol free, heart patient can also eat it.
    When you initially buy rabbits from a company then there is buyback agreement between you and company. This will end marketing problem.

    Rabbit is has huge potential. You can start rabbit farming easily but it is good to take training before you start rabbit farming.
    If you have any suggestions, do let us know in comments.
    Thank you for visiting us😊!!!

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