Top 7 Agricultural Technologies Used In Israel

Israeli Agricultural Technologies

There is saying:- “When you think Agriculture, think Israel”

This saying is completely meaningful. Israel is very much advanced in terms of agriculture .

Agriculture system in Israel is much more ahead in comparison to rest part of the world.

Only about 2% of total population of Israel are involved in Agriculture but their production is super good.

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Israeli Agricultural Technologies


The use of modern and advanced technology has made israeli agriculture way more productive and they have become independent on agricultural  production.

Here are 7 technologies that  used in Israel agriculture  that are making farming more efficient and more sustainable.

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1. Drip Irrigation System

Drip Irrigation is such a method in agriculture which is used to water the  individual plant. It is effective method in agriculture which helps to conserve water.

In this method, water is supplied with pipe and there is made hole in pipe in every plant spot. The water comes out of these holes and directly irrigate to roots of crops.

This method maintain moisture in plant. Unwanted area which is not needed to irrigate is left unirrigated.

Drip irrigation  is best for the place where there is scarcity of water as it is super efficient for water conservation.

2. Reuse and recycle of water

This is another revolutionary method that Israel apply  in it agricultural system.

Israel recycles about 86% of its waste water. This is highest all around the world.

The treatment plant  takes raw sewage water and filters it. This filtered water ia again filtered with micro-organisms and cleans it to safe to drink water.


3. Artificial intelligence in agriculture

The use of AI in Agriculture is a great revolution. It has made so many agricultural works easier, faster  maintaining the quality.

This includes the use of satellite imagery, aerial footage, big data and predictive analysis to moniter the fileds and helps farmers to make the best decision.

The use of different imagery sensors make it possible to get really high resolution images of fields(about 0.1mm per pixel) .

With this high resolution image we can detect  a very small insects on leaf and the computer analyses the insects and provides the detailes about the insects.

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After we get full information about the insects, we can use specific insecticides for that particular insects.

Not only insects we can also detects weeds and other different disease. It can make agriculture very much productive.


4. Bio-pesticides

Israel is making its agriculture organic as much as it can. The use of bio-pesticides has also make thier agriculture sustainable.

They uses predatory wasp  to control insects as bio-pesticides.

The use of the bio-pesticides have reduced the use of chemical fertilizers up to 70%.

This has made Israeli agriculture much more productive and healthy.


5. Bio-fertilizers

Tiny microscopic fungi is used as bio-fertilizers. This fungi helps plant to absorbs more nutrient.

Fungi penetrates the plant root and extends the plant roots as large web. This fungi breaks the nutrient and mobilize them.

As the efficiency of nutrient uptake increases,
crop yield increases in geometric ratio with the help of less fertilizers.

The use of Bio-fertilizers and Bio-pesticides has make the israel agriculture less costly.

6. Robotics

The use of robots in israel agriculture has made all the works way faster and easier.

The robots harvest the fruits and other agricultural products so accurately that post-harvest loss is reduced and it ultimately increases farm profit.

Robots with computer vision that can actually picks fruits straight off the trees.


7. Sensors

The use of sensors has brought revolution in israeli agriculture.

The use of ultra-advanced sensors in plant provides the data. We can say that plant tells(talk) to sensors to know exactly what nutrients they need and when they need to be watered.

These are some advanced israeli agricultural technologies that is being applied in Israel which has made them fully independent in agriculture.

The population of the world is increasing at rapid pace due to which the demand of food is also increasing. The agricultural  land is becoming less and less.

In this scenario, the whole world can learn the
use of these technologies and increase their agricultural products.

So, this is full information on top 7 Israeli agriculture technologies world should adopt.

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