Traditional farming is the ancient or subsistence farming system which generally uses primitive agricultural techniques like Animal Powers, Indigenous Tools And Organic Fertilizers  to perform agricultural works.

In this article-we are going to dicuss everything about Traditonal Farming Methods – Traditional Farmers Information in detail. So – Read Till End.


Traditional Farming Methods

Traditional Farming depends completely on nature. Things like season, Rainfall, Temperature decides the traditional farming methods.

Traditional farmers analyse these natural phenomena by themselves and plant crops according to season. There is no use of artificial techniques like Greenhouse and Offseason in Traditional farming.


During the initial origin of agriculture, people don’t have any advanced resources. They uses their muscle power. But-Working with own muscle power was very hard job. That is why-People finds its alternative i.e Animal Power.

Traditional Farming Methods

Animals are indespensible part of Agriculture. When we think think of agriculture and farming-Then the thought of animals automatically make link.


In Traditional Farming Method-Animals are the main and most vital in Planting And Harvesting of crops.


Animal power is mostly used in Tillage Operation like Ploughing.


Besides Animal Power-Traditional Farming uses the ancient techniques and beliefs that are being used for very long time.


Traditonal farming completely focuses on doing organic cultivation. The use of chemical fertilizers are far away. Animal manure and plant leaves are used  as the source of fertilizers.


In Present Context-About 40% of world agriculture is dependent on traditional farming. It is more prevalent in developing and least developed countries especially of Asia And Africa.


Types Of Traditional Farming Methods

There are mainly 2 types of agricultural methods which are followed in Traditional Farming. These are:-


1.Slash And Burn Agriculture

Slash and Burn agriculture is a type of agriculture in which people cut down the forest-Burn it and make a fallow land in which the crop cultivation is done for certain period of time.

After the fertility of that land finished and crop production becomes less. Then people again move to another place and repeat the same process.

It is also a type of Shifting Agriculture.


2.Shifting Agriculture

Shifting Agriculture is a type of farming method in which people traves from one place to another cultivating in different lands.

The difference between shifting and Slash-Burn agriculture is that shifting agriculture includes both fallow lands, Hill, Steeps for cultivation while Slash-Burn agriculture uses forest for cultivation.


Tools Used In Traditional Farming Methods

People uses different ancient, Indigenous and handmade tools along with old seeds to do farming in traditional farming methods Some Tools are:-

•Animal Power






•Old And Indigenous Seeds


Advantages Of Traditional Farming Methods

1.Traditional Farming promotes and protects the local and indigenous seed variety.

2.As it is completely organic-It makes human healthy and maintains originality in crops.

3.No use of machines-More employment opportunity.


4.There is no use of genetically modified and hybrid verities. So-Original crop qualities are preserved.


Disadvantages Of Traditional Farming Methods

1.Less production in comparision to modern farming.

2.The time taken to finish a certain work is more.


3.Traditional agriculture sometimes causes soil erosion.


4.Deforestation in slash-burn agriculture system.


5.As traditional agriculture completely depends on season and climate-offseason farming cannot be done.


6.Traditional farming causes loss of soil nutrients in long run.


Traditional Farming Method VS Modern Farming Method

The main difference between traditional and modern farming is use of Technologies.


Traditional farming focuses on use of ancient and indigenous tools and seeds while modern farming focuses on uses of more advanced technologies which makes our agricultural works much more faster and easier.


Moreover-Modern farming uses genetically modified seeds from which we can get high production in small area.


Modern farming focus on soil conversation and effective pest and weed management while traditional farming lacks these techniques.



From all above information- we can make of jist that-Both Traditional And Modern farming has their own merits and demerits.

We should try to take them together by using the merits of both system of farming.

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