7 Types Of Pigs Breeds For Commercial Farming

Types Of Pigs

Pig farming is getting popular day by day as it offers many advantages in comparison to other farming businesses. For successful pig growth, we must choose the right types of pigs. The whole production of our farm depends on the breed you choose. Therefore, Here in this article, we will be discussing the best types of pigs you can rear for good pork and bacon production.

1. Yorkshire

Yorkshire Pig, Types Of Pigs

Yorkshire is a large pig breed also known as a large white pig. As the name indicates, the body is large with white colouration. This breed is native to the UK. The face is dish-shaped, skin is free from wrinkles and the ears are erect, thin, long and slightly inclined forward. The neck is long and the back is slightly arched. They are well known for the production of large quantities of meat and have excellent mothering capacity. They are generally used for bacon production in temperate regions and pork production in tropical regions. Yorkshire is susceptible to sunburn especially at the base of the ears. The weight of boar is around 295 – 408 kg and the weight of sows is around 227 – 317 kg.

2. Middle White Yorkshire

This type of pig has a similar appearance to Large white Yorkshire but is small in size. The face is dish-shaped, skin is free from wrinkles and ears are erect. Its small bones ensure a good dressing percentage. It is a good grazer and does well on open-air systems. It is a prolific breeder. The weight of boar is around 249-340 kg and the weight of sows is around 181 – 272 kg.

3. Hampshire

Hampshire Pig, Types Of Pigs

This type of pig has a black body with a white belt encircling the forequarter of the body including the front legs. The ears and legs are short. They are medium-sized, prolific, have a good nursing capacity and efficient converters of feed. This is a pork type of pig. This breed is tolerant of sunburn.

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4. Berkshire

Berkshire Pig

Berkshire is one of the oldest breeds of pigs. The body is medium-sized with black colour. The meat of this breed is of good quality and is usually reared for pork production. They grow fast. Good Berkshire pigs grow to market size in about six months. The weight of Boar is around 272 – 385 kg and the weight of sows is around 204 – 294 kg.

5. Landrace

Landrace Pigs

The Landrace type of pig was developed in the UK. They are produced from the crossing with large white Yorkshire. The breed is white and has long droopy ears. They thrive well under confinement feeding. They are susceptible to sunburn.

6. Duroc Jersey

Duroc Jersey Pig

The Duroc Jersey type of pig has a red body. This breed is large and is popular for its feeding and breeding capacity. Duroc Jersey is generally reared in South Asia and America.

7. Tamworth

Tamworth Pig

Tamworth was developed in West England by using wild boar for fixing the golden or chestnut colour. It has coarse hair, long head, long snout and erect ears having a strong back and thin shoulders. It is slow maturing but is hardy and less susceptible to sunburn. They are generally reared for bacon production. They can weigh 300 kg.


Thus, These are the top 7 commercially successful types of pigs.