What Do Parrot Eat?- Fruits And Vegetables

Feeding Of Parrot

Feeding of parrot becomes tuff task if we don’t know what parrot eats.

Parrot are pet birds which are  kept by many people. They love their parrot very much.

But, many people don’t know what do parrots eat?– and this causes a problem in rearing them.

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Due to less knowledge on parrot diet, some people feed them wrong food and their parrot becomes ill and sometimes dies.

It is our duty to know what parrots eat and what it doesn’t.

So, In this blog we are going to list all the foods that parrots eats along with some precautions that one should keep in their mind while feeding parrot.

    What do parrots eat?

    Parrot eats different items like fruits, veggies, and seeds. The feeds listed below can be given to both Alexanderine Parrots and Indian  Ringneck Parrots.

    Lets begin….


    1.Seasonal Fruits
    2.Apple(exclude apple seeds)


    3.Soaked  Chickpeas
    7.Soaked chickpea

    Boiled corn is considered very good for parrots.


    1.Sunflower seeds
    3.Wheat seeds
    4.Paddy seeds
    4.Pearl millet seeds

    These seeds can be fed by mixing with each other.

    Protein Source

    ✔️Boiled eggs smashed into pieces should be given with biscuits. This can be given once in a week.

    Also,Chapati can be added to parrot feed.

    Feed  For  Baby Parrot

    ✔️Pearl millet smashed into powder can be fed to baby parrot.

    ✔️Yellow lentils soaked in water for 5 hrs can be fed after the lentil become very soft.

    ✔️Cerelac(paddy cerelac) can be fed which speed up the formation of feathers and it can be bought in market

    ✔️Boiled rice also can be fed to baby parrots.

    Precautions While Feeding Parrots

    1.While giving apple, we mustn’t give apple seeds. They are posionous as they contains cyanide which can cause death of parrots.

    2.Little salt is good. But giving salty and spicy food with different spices is very dangerous.

    3.Overfeeding should be avoided. This will increase increase fat and birds will be lethargic.

    4.Oily food should be avoided. This will affect digestive system and feathers will drop down.

    5.Onion shouldn’t be given to parrots.

    6.Chocolates shouldn’t be feed to parrots.

    7.Dry pulses like kidney beans should be avoided.

    8.Banana should not be fed to parrots.

    9.Oranges should not be fed.

    10.Any junk food should not be fed to parrot.

    This is whole information on what do parrots eat…

    If you have any suggestions do let us know in comments below!


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