What is permaculture?-All you need to know


Most of us has heard of the permaculture but many of us don’t know what actually it is in detail.

Nature gives us everything we need. If we work with nature along with its protection, we can find a sustainable way of living.

Permaculture is also the technique to work with nature.

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In this blog, we are going to make all things clear for you about the permaculture establishment.

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The literal meaning of permaculture is permanent and culture.

Many people thought that it is pure agriculture but permaculture is not the pure agriculture, it is the way of creating an ecosystem.

✔️Permaculture can be defined as the way of creating the harmonic ecosystem in which different kinds of plants, animals, birds, and insects grow and develop together creating a very highly productive and balanced environment where we can get our own food with very less effort.

The term permaculture was coined by an Australian Bill mollison and David holmgren in 1978 in their book “Permaculture one”.

In permaculture farming, people can live with the natural environment by working with rather than against nature in order to grow their necessities.

In this modern world where farming is becoming difficult and unhealthy with increase in use of chemicals and it is also constantly challenged by climate change.

In this scenario, Permaculture is a solid toolkit for not only tackling the difficult environmental challenges but also for developing the sustainable way of farming with nature.

Permaculture provides the people a set of tools to rethink and rebuild their communities
so they can live seamlessly with nature.

Permaculture not only boost the health of nature  but also boost the health of its practioners.

The concepts and practice of permaculture helps to build the communities that are adaptable to changing environment and

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Ethics of permaculture

Permaculture farming has 3 ethics which are:-

☑️Earth care

☑️People care

☑️Fair share

✓First two ethics says that, if we care earth the earth also care us.

✓In permaculture, we go along with nature. We don’t distrub the natural environment.

✓Permaculture design is made in such a way that it creates harmony with living beings and nature.

So, in permaculture we care nature and we got our essential needs like food with minimal efforts.

Fair share in permaculture means Earth is only one and different living beings live here not only human.

So, the surplus things weather that is food, time or money should be shared with other living beings and they also give us back.

These are ethics of permaculture.

Why permaculture is future of farming?

Permaculture is such a sustainable farming that protects nature. Without nature, we can’t do anything.

In present context people are producing more food by using chemicals. This has reduced the soil fertility in long terms. That means ultimately, we gonna suffer from good crisis.

But, if we look at permaculture, then it is working with nature in an organic way. We eat what natures gives us and surplus is provided again back to the nature.

In permaculture, all the necessary products are produced. That means, it is complete package of production which can fullfil the needs of people.

The population of the world is increasing at geometric ratio. We need to produce more. But by degrading quality of land, we cannot feed the world. For this sustainable farming should be done.

This sustainable farming is of course permaculture. Permaculture is a new way of farming.

There are many online courses on permaculture that you can take and learn whole information on permaculture and start your own farming.

This is general information in permaculture.

If you have any suggestions, do let us know in comments below.

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