Why Agriculture Is Best Job In World?


Searching for a job, we always see high package and luxurious that would be given to us.

But in most of the jobs we have sit and work with machines. We have like machine-human relationship.

Look, I am telling working infront of computer or machines is bad. What i am trying to explain why agriculture is best over other jobs.

Why Agriculture Is Best Job In World?
Agriculture As Best Job

So, let’s get started…

Agricultural  Jobs

Most of the people don’t want to involve in agricultural jobs. They thought it doesn’t comes under their pride.

But, let me tell you doing agriculture will make you fit not only physically but also mentally. It can helps to you make better human and you will be satisfied.

Look, when you do agricultural works you become very close to nature. You are part of nature. So, Doing agricultural jobs is like working with mother and caring our mother.

When we grow crops, vegetables and produce milk and sell it to other people, it gives us feeling that we are feeding other people. We are a part of reason of their aliveness.

Believe me this is the best feeling that agriculturist can feel.

As a human, we want to see things grow. In agriculture we learn the process of life like germination of crops, flowering, fruiting and death. It gives us message that life is ultimately the way towards end. This will make us more helpful and humble.

Working with animals helps us to feel the pain of others. In agriculture, we can work according to our own wish. We don’t have follow order and we don’t have any deadlines.

But, working in a big company, it will surely gives us money. The bad thing is it makes us alone. We become busy with work all day and night.

We don’t get time to talk to ourselves. Working in a big company and living in cities with sophisticated  tools. It takes us away from nature and it can ultimately lead us to depression and suicide.

Working in big companies will always makes us competitive. We compete with colleagues and other people. This will take away our peace of life.

But, in agriculture we don’t have any compitition. We are boss of own. We work whenever we want and along with nature.

Doing agriculture can make our life simple but happy and super-satisfactory. I always love to work with nature doing agricultural works.

These are some of my openions. Different people have different thoughts. Some might don’t like agricultural works.

What do you think, please tell us in comments below!!!


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  1. I always wanted to be near mother nature as nearer as possible. It gives me a feel of freedom, like a boss of your own you can change, decide ,transform, repeat, destroy, ganerate,plan anything you wish to do and that's the true freedom in my view

  2. Yeah!! That is the greatest feeling one can feel in life and farming is the greatest way of getting that freedom.
    Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts!!

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