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 Artificial intelligence in Agriculture

Agriculture has been about 12000 years. During that time, Agricultural revolution has just started.

People were using their muscle power and animal power for doing Agriculture.

We can say that agriculture at that time was subsistence agriculture.

About 200 years ago, Industrial revolution came and industrialization replaces the use of animal power with machine powers.

Now, the agriculture has become commercialized.

So, 12000 Years back- Agricultural revolution.
       200 Years back- Industrial revolution.

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AI in Agriculture

In this blog post we are providing detailed information on  uses Artificial intelligence in Agriculture.

So, read the post till end….

Then,What is next Revolution?

The next revolution in agriculture that is now happening is Artificial intelligence(AI).

Artificial intelligence can be defined as the machines which programmed and trained for some works.

 They can learn from the thing they do as human being.The use of  artificial intelligence in agriculture will create revolution.

They can increase their memory, they can learn new things, they goes on evolving but they way more efficient and accurate in their work in comparision to humans.

AI has algorithms which can give better logical ways in decision-making than emotional human beings.

They analyse the data and takes decision themselves.

What is the need of AI in Agriculture?

There is huge gap on the potential that world can do in Agricultural sectors. Millions of tons of food is wasted because of mistakes that we human do while doing agriculture.

We human do not get the exact information of different things like when to water plant, RH, temperature, disease, use of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides.

Human know these things but do not know the it on exact way. This cause huge loss in world’s agricultural production.

Farmers are entrepreneurs which are constantly challenged by complex situation.
Once the farmer plant the crops, they need to moniter their current needs. We can call it sensing.

Farmers should know what is happening, what are real needs of plants. Farmer is the sensor in agriculture.

Farmers are not way precise. That is why we need AI in agriculture.


In AI what we actually do is, we use artificial sensors. We use digital thinking friend to analyse different factors affecting the crops.

The working of Artificial intelligence is simple:-

1.DATA   –   2.PROCESSING   –    3.ACTION

Here, Data is gathered by many advanced technologies.

Processing is thinking and this is where most of the Artificial intelligence lies.

Action is the process of doing work according to the information.

So, we can say AI is just a tool which helps in decision making in Agriculture.


The use of AI in agriculture is very much advanced phase in agriculture. Different kinds of sensors are used in agriculture to know the exact data.

The uses of AI in Agriculture are discussed below:-

1.Selection of quality seeds (Breeding)

Breeding is the selection of seeds. During seed selection, seeds are passed through different tests to select good quality seeds.

To identify the best seeds, scientists needs to go through their millions of genes. For this, AI is necessary.

After seed is sown for trial, AI collects data in more precise and accurate way in different conditions of plant.

AI can predict out the millions of combinations which genes will most likely contribute a beneficial trait to a plant.

So, AI helps in TRAIT IDENTIFICATION in agriculture .

2.Soil fertility

Fertility of soil is dependent on nutrient availability. The nutrient availability in soil is tested with the help of chemical analysis.

AI can help to test the soil and give the accurate results(data) of nutrient content in soil.

Farmer can analyse these data. If there is deficiency of nutrient then farmer can work accordingly.

This will ultimately increases agricultural production.

So, AI  helps in DECISION MAKING in agriculture .

3.Identification of diseases

The use of different imagery sensors make it possible to get really high resolution images of fields(about 0.1mm per pixel) .

With this high resolution image we can detect  a very small insects on leaf and the computer analyses the insects and provides the detailes about the insects.

After we get full information about the insects, we can use specific insecticides for that particular insects.

Not only insects we can also detects weeds and other different disease. It can make agriculture very much productive.

So, AI helps in IMAGE RECOGNITION in agriculture.

4.Harvesting of crops

There are different high tech machines based on AI that can harvest fruits, vegetables, cereal and other agricultural crops without any damage.

There are robots that harvest fruits. They are so accurate in their work due to which post harvest loss in agriculture decreases and profit increases.

So, AI helps in  ROBOTS MOVEMENT AND DRIVING in agriculture.

So, until now, we have learned the ” Uses Artificial intelligence in Agriculture “
AI has so much of benefits in Agriculture.

 But, there exits some challenges in use of Artificial intelligence in Agriculture.


Some of the challenges for the use of Artificial intelligence in Agriculture are discussed below:-

1.Availability of data

For the artificial intelligence to work it must need data to analyse. That means it needs input.


1.Satellite (Images)
2.Drones (images)
4.Sensors (meteo, soil..)
5.Smartphones (images, actions)
6.Data entry (practicals, records)
7.Historical data (meteo)
8.Robots (images, actions)

The data obtained should be understandable by everyone. It should have quality. Data are the precious information based on which further operations are done.

2.Policies and Regulations
There should have some regulations for the use of Artificial intelligence in Agriculture.

For eg:- Driverless tractor works but there is no regulations. The machine takes self decision. So, there should be made policies and regulations.

3.Social Acceptance
There is always fear in humans that AI will guide them. Humans don’t want to be slaved by others.

There is fear of losing jobs by people. Such as robots can replace labours. These things need to be addressed.

So, we should take AI and cognitive computing parallely.

This is the whole information on  uses Artificial intelligence in Agriculture.

what do you think about the use of Artificial Intelligence in Agriculture.

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