Butterfly Flower: Botany And Growing Methods

Butterfly Flower Butterfly Flower, also called Butterfly Weed or Butterfly Milkweed, is a beautiful ornamental flowering plant that is grown to beautify the garden and attract butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds. There is nothing more beautiful than this flower, and as soon as you see it, it won’t let you stop praising all the best features … Read more

[Carl Woese] 3 Domains And 6 Kingdoms Of Life

3 Domains And 6 Kingdoms A system of classification based on 3 domains and 6 kingdoms was proposed by Carl Woese in 1990. In this system, living organisms are divided into three domains, each of which has six kingdoms. Three Domains consist of Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya and six Kingdoms consist of Eubacteria (true bacteria), … Read more

Cocopeat: Making, Advantages And Disadvantages

We always want the best substrate for our plants. Commonly used substrates by most gardeners are: Soil, Vermicompost, Peat Moss or Combination of these. However, There is a new substrate that is making its place in the heart of gardeners like me. This substrate is none other than Cocopeat. In this article, we will mainly … Read more

14 Basement Plants Requiring Low Sunlight

¬†Basement Plants If you ever tried growing a plant in your basement but ended up killing it, it does not mean you have a black thumb in indoor gardening. It just means you are choosing the wrong plants for the wrong place.¬† If you want to grow plants in your basement, you need to find … Read more

Emasculation In Plants: Meaning and Example

Emasculation In Plants Emasculation In Plants is the process of removal of male reproductive part (Anther) from a perfect (Bisexual) flower without damaging the female reproductive part (Pistil). It is the third step in hybridization of plants after Selection(1st Step) and Evaluation(2nd Step) of parents. In bisexual flower, male reproductive part is called Stamen (Anther+Filament) … Read more

Chicken Gizzard Plant: Care And Propagation

Chicken Gizzard Plant The chicken Gizzard Plant also known as Iresine in English is a beautiful foliage ornamental plant native to South America. During the 70s, there was a fad of planting this beautiful shrub in terrariums. Isn’t that amazing? This fad also explains its tranquillity. Are you excited to learn about the Chicken Gizzard … Read more

Agave Geminiflora: Plant Care, Propagation And Flowering

Agave Geminiflora Agave Geminiflora, Commonly known as twin flowered agave, is a succulent plant that is commonly grown for foliage beauty. The plant has dense leaves forming a round and symmetrical Rosette-like structure which gives it impeccable beauty. They are small-sized plants. So, Many people prefer them Indoors. Geminiflora is (3-4) ft wide and (3-4) … Read more

10 Surprising Jade Plant Benefits And Vastu

Jade plant also known as Money Tree, Follar Plant, Friendship Tree or Good-luck Tree is a popular succulent grown especially in South Asia. There are so many jade plant benefits that, People in western countries are also keeping it at home. The plant has thick, evergreen leaves with star-shaped white or pink flowers. This small … Read more

Price Of Pet Monkey (2022 Price Guide)

Monkeys are one of the beautiful creations of mother nature. They are very close to humans, Genetically and Physiologically. Monkeys are generally wild animals, However – With improved and trained breeds available in the market, the trend of keeping a monkey as a pet is increasing especially in western countries like the USA. If you … Read more

Black Cats With Blue Eyes: Meaning, Breeds And Price

Cats are one of the most loved pets in this world. They are known for their flexible body, attractive coat and eye colour. Though there are several alluring breeds of cats, Black Cats With Blue Eyes are something different. They have the power to attract anyone with their looks. That’s why – many people want … Read more