How To Grow Jamun Tree In Pots?

Growing Of Jamun Tree Are you thinking of growing jamun tree in pots at home? And, you don’t know how to do it? If yes – You are at the right place where you will get complete and authentic information on growing jamun tree. Jamun tree is evergreen plant Indigenous to India. The plant is … Read more

Amensalism: Definition, Types And Examples Of Amensalism

Amensalism Amensalism is a type of biological interaction between two organisms or two species in which one is neither benefited or destroyed while other organism suffer loss i.e Destroyed or Inhibited. It is a type of (0,-) interaction. Here – ‘0’ Means no effect and ‘-‘ Means negative effect. In general, Amensalism isn’t considered an … Read more

[PDF] TNPSC Agriculture Officer Exam Question Paper, Study Material And Syllabus

TNPSC Agriculture Officer (AO)Exam Questions 2021 And Study Material TNPSC Agriculture Officer Exam¬† Question Paper, study material and syllabus:-Tamilnadu Public Service Commission (TNPSC) has issued an vacancies for 365 candidates for the post of Agriculture Officer (Extension) through their office online portal i.e for the year 2021. Candidates who are interested in giving exam … Read more

Test Weight Of Different Crops

Test weight of Different Crops To calculate the test weight of different crops regularly¬†becomes difficult. So – With an intention to help all the students and aspirations who are given government exams, we have listed test weight of different crops in a single article. This article can surely help you to revise and remember the … Read more

Famous Name For Different Crops

King/Queen/Famous/Alternative Name Of Agriculture Crops Crops from all Fruits, Vegetables and Cereal has given some kind of alternative and famous name that makes them easy to identify from others. These names are given on the basis of different factors such as their use, how consumes it, their appearance, their taste and comparison with another. Such … Read more

Methods Of Castration In Farm Animals

Castration In Animals Castration in animals is the process of removal of testicles of male animals at young age to prevent the formatting of male hormones and control the unwanted breeding. There are different methods of castration in farm animals. We will learn all about them in this article along with reasons of castration and … Read more