Toggenburg Goat: Characteristics, Origin And Uses

Toggenburg Goat The Toggenburg goat hails from Toggenburg Valley, Switzerland is a popular dairy breed with a high milk yield. It is considered to be the oldest goat breed in the world (there are around 300). The goat breed was once the major source of income for poor families in Toggenburg and Werdenberg. In the … Read more

7 Types Of Pigs Breeds For Commercial Farming

Types Of Pigs Pig farming is getting popular day by day as it offers many advantages in comparison to other farming businesses. For successful pig growth, we must choose the right types of pigs. The whole production of our farm depends on the breed you choose. Therefore, Here in this article, we will be discussing … Read more

Care And Management Of Newly Born Piglets

Piglets are the young one of the pig. Successful growth and development of piglets depends on the care and management of newly born piglets. Piglets are weak and they need special attention. Otherwise, Due to the small negligence, Whole production may be affected. So – To help you out, We have listed all the care … Read more

Large White Pig: Breed Characters & Disadvantages

Large White Pig Large White Pig commonly known as Yorkshire is a popular breed of swine originated in Yorkshire, England. The breed was developed by the crossing of a large indigenous white pig of North England with a smaller fatter white Chinese pig in 1761. From England, it is exported to different countries like the … Read more

Cattle Vs Cow : Do They Have A Difference?

Cattle and cow are very similar terms. In fact they are used to call for the same animal. But, Do you know, there is a difference between cattle and cows? If you don’t, We are here to rescue you!! The simple difference is, All cows are cattle but all cattle are not cows. That’s interesting … Read more

Raising Gulabi Goat(2022): Ultimate Guide For Beginners

Gulabi Goat Goats are the most domesticated animal in this world. Today we will be learning all about a beautiful goat called, Gulabi Goat. As the name indicates, the skin colour of this goat is Pink(Called Gulabi In Hindi). It looks so beautiful that many people keep this goat as their pet animal. The goat … Read more

Damascus Goat: Characters, Baby And Price

Damascus Goat (Capra aegagrus hircus) Damascus goat is the native breed of Syria (Al-Atiyat & Aljumaah, 2014) and other Middle East countries. As indicated by the name, this goat was supposed to be originated around Damascus, Syria (Zarkawi et al., 1999). After that, they are introduced to other countries like Egypt, Cyprus, Lebanon, Jordan, Algeria … Read more

3 Common Methods Of Castration In Farm Animals

 Castration In Farm Animals Castration is the process of removal of testicles of male animals at young age to prevent the formatting of male hormones and control the unwanted breeding. There are different methods of castration in farm animals. We will learn all about them in this article along with reasons  and advantages.   In … Read more

Pomfret Fish Benefits And Nutritional Values

Pomfret is a group of 35 different types of marine fish species which comes under a same family Bramidae. Pomfret fish benefits are amazing. That’s why, it is more prefered among different fishes and has got  a good market value.   Pomfret fish are greatly distributed in different parts of three oceans i.e Pacific, Atlantic … Read more