Methods Of Castration In Farm Animals

Castration In Animals Castration in animals is the process of removal of testicles of male animals at young age to prevent the formatting of male hormones and control the unwanted breeding. There are different methods of castration in farm animals. We will learn all about them in this article along with reasons of castration and … Read more

Pomfret Fish Benefits And Nutritional Values

Pomfret is a group of 35 different types of marine fish species which comes under a same family Bramidae. Pomfret fish benefits are amazing. That’s why, it is more prefered among different fishes and has got  a good market value.   Pomfret fish are greatly distributed in different parts of three oceans i.e Pacific, Atlantic … Read more

Housing System Of Poultry-Types And Management

There are four housing system of poultry generally found to followed by different farms  all over the world. They are:-  1.Free range or Extensive system. 2.Semi- Intensive System.  3.Folding unit system.  4.Intensive system. Contents In this blog we are going to discuss all about Housing System Of Poultry-Types And Management in detail- So read the post … Read more

Lumpy Skin Disease In Cattle: Diagnosis And Treatment

What Is Lumpy Skin Disease? Lumpy Skin Disease is an infectious viral disease especially seen on cattle which results on sudden fever and nodules on skin which later erupts and undergoes necrosis. Besides cattles-LSD is also seen on Buffalo, Goat and Sheep. This disease doesn’t transmit on humans.   This disease is preventive if action … Read more

Boar Goat Farming In Nepal

Boar Goat Farming In Nepal

Boar goat is famous for its high growth rate and  large sized body especially reared for meat production. Boar goat are also known by its other names such as Africander, Afrikander, South African goat and are very attractive to look. Boar goat also produce milk but are most suitable for meat production. They grow and … Read more

Goat Farming In Nepal: Importance And Challenges

Goat Farming In Nepal: Importance And Challenges

Goat Farming In Nepal Nepal-Being an agricultural country-a large part of its population is involved in livestock farming such as Goat farming, Pig farming, Poultry farming and other Cattle Farming. Among these all, goat farming in Nepal is at top position. Among all of these livestock farming, Goat farming is very popular because of its … Read more

Casting Of Animals: Cattle & Buffalo Casting

Casting Of Animals Casting of animals refers to the controlled throwing of an animal on the ground by exerting a  pressure on its muscle and nerves with the help of casting ropes.   It becomes necessary to cast the animal on ground for various purposes like Surgery, Shoeing, Branding, Hoof cutting,Vaccinating, Tagging, castration and During … Read more

Best 4 Methods Of Identification Of Animals

Identification Of Animals Identification Of Animals is defined as the process of marking animals for their easy and scientific care and management. There are different method of identification of animals such as Branding, Tagging,Tattooing and Ear notching.   Identification is primary requirement of animals for their improvement. It helps in keeping and ultimately in knowing the … Read more