Cattle and cow are very similar terms. In fact they are used to call for the same animal. But, Do you know, there is a difference between cattle and cows? If you don’t, We are here to rescue you!!

The simple difference is, All cows are cattle but all cattle are not cows. That’s interesting huh? Without further ado let’s move on to find the difference. Read about the important cattle management practice: Casting Of Animal


Difference Between Cattle And Cow

Cow is a female bovine that has given birth to a calf. If it hasn’t given birth, then it is called a heifer. However, Cattle is a collective term for Bovine species without any regard of gender. Cattle can be cows, ox, heifer, calf, bull OR cattle can be said as the herd and cow is one of them.

You can simply understand the difference between cattle and cow as the difference between human and girl. Cattle contain both male and female as humans contain both girls and boys. Hope this solves the confusion. Both fall under the same family.

Cows are generally reared for milk whereas bulls are reared as draft animals.

There are two different kinds of cattles. Bos Indicus and Bos Taurus. Indicus has hump while taurus doesn’t have hump.

We have added a picture that can solve the confusion of Cattle vs cow.

difference between cattle and cow, cattle vs cow
Cattle Vs Cow

Finally, only female cattle that have given birth are called cows.

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