Care And Management Of Newly Born Piglets

Piglets are the young one of the pig. Successful growth and development of piglets depends on the care and management of newly born piglets. Piglets are weak and they need special attention. Otherwise, Due to the small negligence, Whole production may be affected. So – To help you out, We have listed all the care and management practices of newly born piglets:-

Care And Management Of Newly Born Piglets

•After birth, Separate piglets from mother as soon as possible and place it at little distance. This helps to protect the Piglets from being crushed by trampling.

•Check the air passages, Clean nostrils to make it easy to breathe.

•Clean all the body of Piglet and made it dry .

•The navel cord of piglets should be cut with sterilized scissors or blade leaving 2.5 to 3 cm from the body and must be disinfected by iodine solution.

•Piglets should be provided with mother milk, Especially first milk, Colostrum. Within the period of 24 hrs, Piglets should be fed with mother milk for about 8 to 10 times. The initial milk is good source of Protein, Sugar, Fat, vitamins and minerals especially Calcium and Phosphorus. It also provides antibodies that protects piglets from diseases.

•Piglets must be protected from chilling. A Piglets brooder can be made which is warmed with electric bulbs.

•Piglets may suffer from Anemia. Piglet Anemia can be controlled or prevented as:-

✓Give 25 mg of Fe and 5 mg of Copper per day per Piglet.

✓Paint the udder of sow with: 500 gm Iron sulphate, 70 gm Copper Sulphate, 500 gm Sugar mixed with 10 litres of water.

✓Allow free access to Piglets to run in fresh soil.

✓Intramuscular injection of Iron dextrose (Imphereon) can be given on 4 th and 14 th days.

•Removal Of Needle Teeth: At birth, Piglets have 4 pairs of tusk like teeth, two pairs each on upper and lower jaw. They have no use and can cause injury to mother udder. Therefore, they should be removed. These must be clipped by means of tooth nipper.

•Start feeding piglet creep from (2-3) weeks of age.

Castration of piglets should be done at (4-6) weeks of age.

Thus, These are practices of  care and management of newly born piglets.

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