Biofloc Fish Farming-Investment And Profit

Biofloc fish farming has become a popular and lucrative technique of fish culture due to its low investment cost and high return ensuring a good profit in a single harvest.


The world’s population is increasing at rapid pace and  people are now understanding the importance of fish health benefitsfish health benefits. The demand of sea-food is becoming high. In year, 2016-The demand of sea-food was all-time high.


Among all, Fish occupies a major portion in sea-food. People are fond of eating fish. To fulfill this growing requirement, Traditional method of fish farming techniques is not sufficient.


To overcome this problem, Different ideas has been discovered. Among them, One of the best technique of fish farming is Biofloc.


Biofloc fish farming- Profit and Investment
Biofloc Fish Farming



Generally, what we see is people made large pits on ground, fill water and start fish farming.


This is a traditional way of fish culture in which the growth and development of fish remains at natural rate. Due this, Farmer had to wait for long duration to earn little profit from fish farming.


However, In biofloc fish farming, There is creation of such a ecosystem inside tanks which help the fish to grow faster and more healthier. Moreover, We can grow large number of fishes in small area conserving a good amount of water.


Biofloc Fish Farming

Biofloc fish farming is defined as the process of culturing large number of fishes using a technique of converting the toxic waste materials like ammonia, nitrate and nitrite again into quality fish feed.


During fish farming, Major portion of investment cost is used up in feeding material, Land space and Water.


However, In Biofloc Farming, We can reduce all of these cost to greater extent as some amount fish feed is produced within the ecosystem of biofloc and it requires less land with little or no water exchange. This way, we can call Biofloc as Profitable Biofloc Fish Farming.


We should establish this farming in a such area where there is easy availability of:-






Tanks For Biofloc Fish Farming

The first thing we need when we start biofloc fish farming are  tanks.


We can start fish farming by using only 1 tank also. If the production becomes good, then we can add more tanks and start commercial fish farming.


Tanks are the primary requirement. More than that, We need Tarpaulin, Aeration Pipe, Oxygen machine, Bricks and Metal rod for complete setup.


The base or floor of Biofloc tank is made up of bricks,  sand, cement and sometimes mud with the proper provision of outlet.


The outer surrounding frame of tanks can be made of up bricks or metal rods. If frame is made of up metals, then fiber sheet should be installed inside frame.


The final  inner lining should of tarpaulin. This helps in the collection and preservation of water inside the tank.


Note:-These tanks can also be made of up cements. The one problem with cement tanks is during winter the cement becomes cold and it can affect the fishes and our production becomes low.

Note:- The length of circumference of tank should be 12.56m.


One of the major advantage of Biofloc fish farming is, It can be started in small area. We can start it in one corner of our farming field such as Banana farming and Mushroom farming.Mushroom farming.


But, To make it at commercial level, We can start with 20 tanks. If the production becomes good, then we can add 10 more tanks in successive harvesting. This help to ensure our Biofloc fish farming profit.


Fish Breeds For Biofloc Farming

Selection Of good breeds in crucial step in fish farming because it will ultimately determines our production and income.


Mainly small sized fishes(300-400gm) are farmed in biofloc fish farming. But, we can also raise large(700-800gm) fishes.


We have provided some good varieties which can be reared in bio-floc tanks:-





➡️pangasius fish is widely cultured as its performance is great inside biofloc tanks.


Ecosystem Inside Biofloc Tanks

Biofloc fish farming include Fishes and other organisms like Bacteria, Fungi, Algae, Diatoms along with other single celled microorganisms.


The main concept of Biofloc is maintaining C:N ratio. Carbon is maintained by adding mollases inside tank whereas micro-organisms acts as protein source.


The micro-organisms consume the uneaten fish feed. They also absorb harmful waste materials such as Ammonia and Nitrates. Later, These micro-organisms are consumed by fish. Thus, Waste material is converted into fish feed. This reduces the Investment cost in feed by (20-30)%.


All the micro-organisms ,waste materials, fungi, algae forms a connected matrix called “floc“. This is highly beneficial for fish. In this way, A favourable ecosystem for fish is created inside biofloc tanks.


Investment In Biofloc Fish Farming

The first investment is on land. We need certain area of land according to the number of tanks.We need an area of (15×15)ft for 1 tank.


If we talk about the price of tanks, one tank costs about Rs.25000 IC. The most expensive material required to make tanks is tarpaulin. The cost of tarpaulin is about Rs. 10,000 IC. This tarpaulin works for about (4-5) years.


Other investment is on buying baby fish and feeds for them.


We should make a transparent roof in whole area in which tanks are kept. This will help to maintain temperature of water and fish will grow faster. This also needs some investment.


Biofloc Fish Farming Profit

We can’t get good amount of profit from Biofloc fish farming if we do it in right way. Fish farming needs patience. If everything goes smoothly, Then, We can get ROI within a period of one year.


If we can farm about 200 Kg fishes from one tank, then we can get 100 quintal fish from 50 tanks. The average price of 100 quintal fish is about 10 lakhs


Advantage Of Biofloc Over Pond Farming

1.Large density of fishes can be reared in less volume of water.


2.Large area is required to make ponds but in biofloc method, we can start from small area.


3.The control of diseases becomes super easy as it can be made limited in only one tank.


4.The shining of fish in biofloc is good than pond fish. So, we can get market easily with good price.


5.The growth rate is 15 days faster in comparison to normal pond.


6.There is no problem of waste management as it is converted into fish food by different bacteria. This also reduce our investment cost that otherwise we need to use to buy fish food.


Precautions In Biofloc Fish Farming

1.The seed fish(Baby) which is transported from distance to put inside the tanks need to be cared more as they are in stress. Proper feeding should be done. Too much feeding should be avoided otherwise those baby fish may die.


2.Fish doesn’t get ready overnight. Farmer should have patience to earn good amount of money.


3.It is better to take training on biofloc fish farming and should start at small scale at initial phase.


Final Verdict

Thus, We can say- Biofloc fish farming has immense possibility of producing large amount of fish ensuring a handsome profit.


We can start it in small area for trial after doing proper research. If the trial get success, We can do it at commercial level.


This is whole information on Biofloc Fish Farming-Investment And Profit.


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