Pomfret is a group of 35 different types of marine fish species which comes under a same family Bramidae. Pomfret fish benefits are amazing. That’s why, it is more prefered among different fishes and has got  a good market value.


Pomfret fish are greatly distributed in different parts of three oceans i.e Pacific, Atlantic And Indian ocean. They are also found in Mediterranean sea, Norwegian sea and Sea of Japan.

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Pomfret fish are broadly classified into 3 types. They are:-

1.Silver Pomfret

2.Chinese Pomfret

3.Black Pomfret

These all types of Pomfret fish have thier own unique characteristics.


Pomfret fish are widely consumed because they have amazing taste and have very less spines. That is why-Children can also consume Pomfret fish which ultimately gives great health benefits.

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In market Pomfret fish is also called as Butter Fish. This butter fish is actually white Promfret fish. This is very tasty and delicious to eat.


Pomfret fish can be cooked whole after removing it’s inner organs and spine. Silver Promfret is widely consumed because of its white flesh and amazing taste. Promfret fish can be made garvy, roast, fried or grilled according to our preferences.


Nutritional Value Of Pomfret Fish

Fish are always a great source of nutrients, vitamins and Proteins. Doctors recommend pregnant woman to consume fish regularly.


Fishes are especially known for its fatty acid called omega-3-fatty acid which has amazing health benefits to different parts of our body. That’s why we should consume fish at lest twice a week.


Pomfret fish is also a rich source of  Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin B12,  Calcium, Phosphorous,Iron, High Protein, Low fats, Iodine and many more. From all these nutritional values-We can say Promfret fish has good health benefits to our body.

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The health benefits of Pomfret fish comes from all these nutrients. It is one of the best healthy food one can have.100 gm of Promfret fish contains following nutritional values:-

•Calories=96 kcal

•Protein= 19 gram

•Fat= 1.7 gram

•Carbohydrate = 0 gram

•Iron = 2 mg

•Phosphorus = 150 mg


Pomfret Fish Benefits

Pomfret fish has great nutritional values which has positive effect on our health. If we are not consuming fish- Then from today-We should include fish in our diet.


There are many health benefits of Pomfret fish. But- We have mentioned top 15 pomfret fish health benefits of pomfret fish you shouldn’t miss:-


1.Presence Of Omega-3- Fatty Acid

This is one of the great benefits of fish consumption. Omega-3-fatty acid i.e DHA[ Docosahexaenoic Acid] and EPA[ Eicosapentaenoic Acid]are  present in most of the fishes and these are high in case of Pomfret fish.


These are  unsaturated fat. They together  reduces the cholesterol level and heart attack risk while only DHA helps to make memory stronger and eye sharper.


During pregnancy consuming little amount of sea food(Pomfret fish) high in DHA and EPA is considered good for baby health. However-It should be kept in mind that the fishes consumed should be low in mercury level.

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2.Less Mercury Level

Fishes has some level of mercury in them. Pollution in water contains mercury. The body of fish absorb s mercury from water. When we consume fish-We also consume some amount of mercury.


As mercury is harmful-We should choose right fish-So that there becomes the less intake of mercury. For that- Promfret fish is very good choice. Promfret fish contains less amount of mercury in it in comparison to other fishes.


3.Improves Vision

Fish is great for our eyes and memory. Study have shown that- Including fish in our diet can make our vision clear. The omega-3-fatty acid helps to protect eye from Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and reduce the blurred vision. Fish also contains retinol which is very effective to make eye vision stronger.


4.Increase Memory And Concentration

Fishes also boost our concentration power. As we grow old- we lose our memory especially short term memory. This problem is called  age-related congnitive decline.


Cognitive decline slows down if we include fish on our diet. Omega-3-fatty acid and Vitamin-D present in pomfret fish also help here. We get good sleep if we include fish in our diet. Good sleep directly helps to increase our concentration.


5.Reduce The Risk Of Heart Attack

Our heart is main body organ. To keep it healthy we should consume fishes. Pomfret fish has amazing health benefits for our heart.


Study shows that- People consuming fishes on regular basis are less prone to heart attack in comparison to others.


We are consuming saturated fat from our different foods. Saturated fat is one of the main reason for the development of cholesterol level. Later-This cholesterol level blocks the blood vessels and sometime we may get attack. So-From today we should start consuming saturated fat.


Again- Pomfret fish is an excellent source of Non-saturated fatty acid I.e Omega-3-fatty acid. This fatty acid also removes the spots happening in blood vessels and lowers Triglycerides also known as bad fat. Consuming fishes like pomfret also fixes the abnormal heart rhythm.


Fish contains lean protein. Lean protein is rich in protein and contains less saturated fat and are low in cholesterol which is good for heart.

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6.Less Risk Of Cancer

Consuming fish is great way of reducing the risk of cancer. The omega-3-fatty acid and anti-oxidants present in fish meat helps to reduce cancers like breast cancer in female and prostrate cancer in male.


7.Prevents Osteomalacia And Rachitis

Osteomalacia And Rachtic are the diseases that are related to bones. In both disases- Our bones get weak and get easily cracked. Osteomalacia occurs in adult and Rachitic occurs in children.


To solve this problem pomfret fish can play important role. Pomfret fish is rich in vitamin-D which can help in better growth and development of bones and make them stronger.


8.Reduces Risk Of Autoimmune Disorder

Autoimmune Disorder is a type of body problem in which the immune system mistakenly destroy the healthy cells.


Type 1 Diabetes is an example of Autoimmune Disorder. Study shows that-People who consume fishes on regular basis have less risk of getting Type 1 Diabetes. The reason for this is omega-3-fatty acid.

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9.Perfect Diet For Students

Students have different jobs to do. They need to involve in study, sports and Manymore. To be able to do these all activities perfectly they need to be fit.


Pomfret fish has such health benefits that makes all round development of body. It helps to boost memory and makes body stronger.


Some students gain weight unwillingly. They don’t have time to go for gym. For this- Pomfret fish is right option. The calories present in pomfret fish is very low and unsaturated fatty acid also helps to maintain body weight.


Fishes are easy to digest. So-We don’t have to face any problem of stomach ache.


10.Help Taller Growth

Vitamin-D present in sea foods including pomfret fish can be fruitful for the proper growth and development of bones. When our bones grow long-Our height also becomes tall.


11.Helps To Stay Young

Vitamin-D helps to rejuvenate our skin cells. Fish oil and Omega protein makes skin soft and young.


For all these requirement- Pomfret fish is an excellent source.


12.Essential Fatty Acid

Seafood especially pomfret fishes are highly rich in essential fatty acid i.e. Omega-3-fatty acid and Omega-6-fatty acid.


Essential fatty acid are those fatty acid which are required for body, But-Our Body can’t produce them. So-We have to consume them.


The best way to fulfill thier requirement is of course including fishes like pomfret in our diet.


13.Reduces Depression

Many scientists and researchers are still unknown for the exact cause of Depression. Many people in the modern day are suffering from this problem.


To solve or reduce this problem fishes like pomfret can be effective means. Study shows that people who consume fishes on regular basis suffer less from depression.


Some scientific research behind this is- Omega-3-fatty acid increases the level of serotonin and dopamine. These two body chemicals are known for making mood good. And If we are in good mood-Then we are less likely to go in depression.

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14.Reduce Joint Pains

Seafood are great way to make our bone stronger. Promfret fish contains calcium and vitamin-D which helps to make our bone stronger.


The problems like rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis greatly reduced by the regular consumption of fish meat.


15.Lower Asthma Risk

Study have shown that fish meat is associated to lower asthma risk in children. Fish meat helps to reduce asthma risk by 24%. Moreover- Fish meat helps to reduce Tissue inflammation.


Way Of Choosing Fresh Fish In Market

Choosing fresh fish is crucial step. Many sellers in market use chemical to keep them fresh. But- Actually harmful for consumption.


To select a fresh fish there are certain tips which you can follow while buying any kind of fish including Promfret fish:-


First-We should look in thier eyes. Fresh fish has watery and shiny eyes while old fish has dull eyes.


Press the body of fish with thumb. Fresh fish regain its original shape not gaining the impression of thumb in it.


While holding the fish from its middle. The end points(Mouth and Tail) of fish doesn’t drop more in fresh fish. The curve is less in fresh fish.


Final Verdict

Thus-It is clear that sea food has great health benefits. Promfret fish is amazing for our body and moreover-It is great in taste which makes it even more preferable.


This is whole information on Pomfret Fish Health Benefit And Nutritional Values.


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