Trees are the only producers on Earth while others are consumers. They provide us oxygen, absorbs carbon dioxide, Decorate landscape with greenary, Provides food, shelter, fuel and every other thing needed for the survival. Data shows that 80% of terrestrial species live in forests. So, It is our solemn duty to preserve and save trees, reduce deforestation and create awareness on nature protection. One of the best ways to create awareness are Slogans. In this article, We have listed 100+ Slogan On Save Trees. You can use these in pamphlets, posters, your writings and create awareness. The slogans on trees can have direct impact on human mind as they disseminate striking information in catchy way.


Slogans on trees, Slogan On Save Trees
Slogans On Save Trees

Before we directly go on reading slogans on trees, I will like to add some data which shows how trees are being destroyed. 

✓15 Billion trees are cut down each year leading to the loss of 46% trees since the beginning of human civilization.

✓35% of these cut down trees are used in making papers.

✓In the decade since 2010, the total loss in forests globally was 4.7 million hectares per year.

✓The highest deforestation was recorded in 1980s where we loss forest equal to the area of half of India.

✓During 1950, 43% of land was used for habitation which Increased to 46% by 2018 leading the forest area reduced to 38%.

These data make very clear about the condition of deforestation worldwide. If we go on destroying our forest at same rate then, Our future generation will face targic when they are hit by climate change. So, Start protecting trees from today.

So, Now – Let’s move to our topic, Slogans On Save Trees:-

Slogans On Save Trees

1. “Save trees; eliminate global warming.”

2. “Save trees, decorate nature with green.”

3.  “Save trees, save the homes of animals.”

4. “Don’t spoil the scenery by destroying the greenery. Save Mother Earth.”

5. “One tree can make a million matches; one match can destroy a million trees.”

6. “Trees bring greenery and greenery brings happiness.”

7. “Don’t just think green, live green.”

8. “Cut the greed, not the green.”

9. “Save trees to enhance the economy.”

10. “Save trees to combat climate change.”

11.  “Go green. Go healthy.”

12. “Get set ready, plant a tree.”

13. “A plant a day, keeps pollution away.”

14. “A green planet is a lively planet.”

15. “Don’t dig your own grave. Stop deforestation.”

16.  “Trees are vital. Without them, earth would be fatal.”

17.  “Each one, plant one.”

18.  “Protect trees. Save earth. Save life.”

19.  “Save the divine gift of Mother Nature.”

20.  “Water plants, conserve trees.”

21. ”Go green and save the trees.”

22. “Add a tree to nature. Add a savior to your life. ”

23. “Trees do us no harm. save them.”

24. ”Trees are protectors of the earth.“

25. “Trees help us breathe. save them.”

26. ”By killing trees, we are killing ourselves as well.”

27. ”If the current generation cuts down trees, their children will have to pay fees”

28. “A green planet is a vibrant planet.”

29. “Planting a tree is much better than wearing a mask to be safe from pollution.”

30. “Trees are the roots of all living”

31. “Without trees we cannot live for long.”

32. “Trees are the lungs of earth.”

33. “I am a tree. Save me”

34. “I am a tree, protect me, conserve me.”

35. “Trees are the best amigos. Go green.”

36. “Don’t be a bug, give trees a hug.”

37. “Roots of lives are the roots of trees.”

38. “Trees are nature’s boon.”

39. “Feel free. Plant a new tree.”

40. “Want to live longer? Plant trees.”

41. “Consider the birds and the bees and stop cutting down the trees.”

42. “A tree is a collective property so take care of it.”

43. “Deforestation will lead us to devastation.”

44. ” A tree that stays, keep flood away.”

45. “Don’t cut trees if you want cool air.”

46. “Don’t complain about the heat – plant a tree!”

47. “He who plants a tree loves others beside himself!”

48.  “He who plants a tree plants hope.”

49. “Plant trees and bring rain to get rid of summer heat.”

50. “Plant more trees to make this world air pollution free.”

51. “Make this world better and beautiful, with trees.”

52. “Trees are the most valuable asset.”

53. “The best time to plant a tree is twenty years ago. The second best time is now.”

54. “Man shapes himself through decisions that shape his environment.”

55. “If a tree dies, plant another in its place.”

56. “Easier saving paper than planting trees.”

57. “Plan a tree, get disease free.”

58. “Preen our earth with green”

59. “Nature is divine, also it can be furious. So, save it.”

60. “Stop being so merciless to the trees.”

61. “Planting trees costs you no money.”

62. “Be nice to the trees. They are the best friends of mankind.”

63. “Let’s give some time to plant new tree each day.”

64. “Plant trees, cuz they are vital.”

65. “More trees… a better tomorrow.”

66. “Keep earth beautiful and lively by planting trees.”

67. “Add a new plant, add a new friend.”

68. “I am a tree, protect me, conserve me.”

69. “Each one… plant one.”

70. “Save trees, reduce greenhouse effect.”

71. “Stop Exams! Save Trees!”

72. “The best time to plant a tree is just now”

73. “Trees are not for sale.”

74. “A tree today, A tree for coming generations.”

75. “Say NO to cut Trees, Say NO to kill a life.”

76. “Give Birth to a plant, Give birth to a life.”

77. “Why are you free, Lets Plant a Tree.”

78. “Plant Now, Play Tomorrow.”

79. “Trees are gifts from nature, save them for sustainable future.”

80. “Plant a tree and see it grow; so you can enjoy the cool breeze flow.”

81. “Plant a Tree and Plant a Life OR Destroy Tree and Destroy Life.”

82. “Deforestation will lead us to devastation, Afforestation will lead us to Happy Living.”

83. “Green is not Greenery, Green is Life.”

84. “A plant, a day keeps the Disasters away.”

85. “You can afford a Plant, not Oxygen.”

86. “Spend time for Plants, Plants will give its time for your health.”

87. “Love Green and Live Green.”

88. “Don’t Ever cut Trees, If you want to Enjoy Cool Breeze.”

89. “Save a Tree, and It doesn’t Charge you Fee.”

90. “Save a Tree, and It doesn’t Charge you Fee.”

91. “Add one tree to nature. Add a savior to your life.”

92. “Be nice to the trees. They are the best friends of mankind.”

93. “The more you plant, the better planet you make.”

94. “May the Forest be with you.”

95. “Only fool cut the trees.”

96. ” Save trees or Die!”

97. “Saving trees is our duty.”

98. “Plant a tree to make this world pollution-free.”

99. “Life is impossible without trees.”

100. “Lend a hand to save trees.”


Final Verdict

Trees are truely the most important gift from nature without which life isn’t possible. They should be saved. If we fail on protecting trees, we loss life, different natural calamities like landslide and floods occurs, Desertification of land which makes impossible to grow crops. So, From today, You can create awareness on saving trees by using above slogans on save trees.


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