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Mother nature has gifted us with many incredible plants which are making our earth green and beautiful. With so many trees in this world, it is impossible to remember them. Moreover, these trees have different names according to the country and local societies. That’s why, It is often difficult to know the tree name in our surroundings also. To help with this problem, Scientists have made the concept of Botanical names which are accepted all over the world. But, The problem with botanical names is that they are hard to remember.

So, It is better to know the trees name in English. As this language is understood by most of the people in this world, It will be easy for us to identify the trees name in English.

Therefore, With this intention, We have listed the names of 50 trees in english along with their pictures. Let’s have a look at them. First, we have tabulated the names only and below, we have attached pictures with names and a little explanation about each tree.

We have divided the trees into Foliage Trees and Fruit Trees, So that, It will be much easier to know about the trees name in english.

Foliage Trees

1.Peepal Tree

Peepal: Trees name in english

Peepal is considered a sacred tree in the Hindu religion. People believe that Lord Vishnu lives inside the tree. It is also an important tree that produces a large amount of oxygen. Therefore, It is our solemn duty to protect this miraculous tree.


Banyan Tree

Banyan is another large tree that is generally planted alongside the Peepal tree. It is also considered sacred. It is considered as the World’s largest tree in terms of area covered.



Neem is a medium-sized tree with many medicinal benefits. The other English name of the tree is Indian lilac. It is an Evergreen tree. This tree also works as an insecticide.

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Ashoka Tree

There are two types of Ashoka trees. One is a dropping type (Polyalthea pendula) and another is Non-drooping Ashoka (Polyalthea longifolia). It is an important tree which is generally planted at the side of roads. It has great aesthetic importance.


Bamboo, Trees name in english

Bamboo is a tall tree with lots of foliage. It is hollow from the inside. This tree is used to make countless items. So, It is called the Miracle tree.



Acacia Tree

Acacia is a beautiful shrub tree also known by its other English names such as mimosa, thorntree and wattle. They are evergreen trees with fern-like leaves.


Eucalyptus Tree

Eucalyptus is the tallest tree that is generally found in Australia.



Plumeria Tree

Plumeria is a deciduous flowering plant. It is also known as the Frangipani and Pagoda tree.


Sagwan, Trees name in english

Sagwan tree also known as Teak in English is a tall tree with superior Quality leaves. It is also known as the King of the forest.


Cinnamon Tree

It is a small Evergreen tree whose inner bark is used as Species.


Gulmohar Tree

Gulmohar is a beautiful large tree with amazingly beautiful looking red-hued flowers. It’s planted on the side of the roads and is distributed in sub-tropical climates all over the world.


12.Pine Tree

Pine Tree

Pine includes many conifer trees of the Linus genus which have prickly leaves.



The Sal tree is one of the most important timber trees in this world. It is widely found in South East Asian countries like India, Nepal, Myanmar. It is widely used in making different furniture items.



A Walnut tree is a nut-producing tree with a large canopy size. It has a large number of foliage which makes it attractive to look

15.Bottlebrush Tree


Bottlebrush is a beautiful tree with attractive foliage and flowers. The flower looks like a brush used to clean bottles, So – It is called a bottle brush tree. Many honey bees sit on this tree during the flowering season.



The ironwood tree is a perennial flowering tree of the Fabaceae family.



Jacaranda is a beautiful tree that produces blue-coloured flowers. They are generally planted at the side of the road which makes the whole surrounding beautiful.



Mahagony is a straight growing tree native to the United States. The crown of the tree is dense and round. It grows tall and can reach up to the height of 61 m.

19.Tulip Tree


It’s a fast-growing tree that can reach a height of 58 meters. They produce beautiful flowers during May month.

20.Cork Tree


The cork tree is also known as Cork Oak is an evergreen tree whose wood is widely used in making corks which are used in Wine bottles and as a stopper.

21.Maple Tree


Maple is a genus of many trees. This includes different kinds of trees with a variety of coloured leaves.



Pongam is an evergreen tree with a fast growth rate and large canopy size. It is valued for its oil.



It is a small plant with lots of foliage. It is perfect for making bonsai. The tree name in english has different variations. Generally, there are two types of Thuja.

24.Sandal Tree


Sandal tree is a tree native to South-East Asia. It is also used for its oil content and is considered sacred in some religions.


These were some foliage Trees name in English. Let’s move to Fruit Trees. These are the trees that are grown for their fruit/reproductive part.


Fruit Trees

26.Mango Tree


Mango is one of the tastiest fruits. The aroma of this fruit easily attracts anyone. It has a large tree. The fruit is green which later turns yellow due to ripening.

27.Tamarind Tree


This tree is native to tropical Africa. It bears a brown pod-like fruit that is tangy in taste. The tree is very tall with sparse leaves.

28.Apple Tree


Apple is a tree that is grown in a cold or temperate climate. It is one of the most consumed fruit in the world. The fruit is red though some green varieties are also found.

29.Jackfruit Tree


Jackfruit is the largest fruit in the world. It is a sorosis meaning, Many small fruitlets make one large Jackfruit. So, It is multiple fruit.


30.Coconut Tree


Coconut is a tall tree that is generally found in coastal areas. It produces nut fruit which contains flesh and water from inside.

31.Papaya Tree


Papaya is one of the tastiest fruits. The flesh of this fruit is red to yellow after ripening.



Amla is also known as Gooseberry in English. It is very rich in vitamin C and widely used in hair oil.

33.Pear Tree


Pear is a fruit of a temperate region. It belongs to the Rosaceae family.



Plum needs a humid climate with cold winters and warm summers. There are three types of Plum namely, European Plum, Japanese Plum and Wild Plum.



Pomegranate is a deciduous shrub tree that bears a round fruit with thick peel covering outside and small grain-like fruits inside.



Banana is a Monocarpic, herbaceous Perennial plant that is consumed all over the world. Different varieties of bananas are available in the market.

37.Date Palm


Date Palm is commonly known as Date tree in english. It has sweet edible fruit which is highly nutritious. It can be dried and can be preserved for a long period of time.


Mulberry Tree, Trees name in english

Mulberry is a small black fruit. It is a berry.

39.Lemon Tree


Lemon is rich in vitamin C. It is widely used in making different items. The leaves of the Neem tree are also used as medicine.



Guava is a fruit that can grow in any type of soil. It contains many seeds from inside though seedless varieties are also found which are triploid.


Mangosteen Tree

Mangosteen is also known as the Queen of fruits in India. It has a purple colour with four calyx at the base.

42.Beetel Nut/Areca Nut


Areca nut (Areca catechu L.), commonly known as betel nut or supari, is the fruit of tropical palm trees. It is a relative of the coconut (cocos nucifera). It is a slender palm with a life span of generally 60 years but it can reach up to 100 years. The dry kernel is used mainly for masticatory purposes in India and South East Asia. The origin of the common name BETEL-NUT comes from the association of chewing the nut along with the mint-tasting leaf of the Piper beetle, commonly known as betle (or betel) leaf.



Bael is known by different names in different parts of the world.



Litchi is a type of nut. It is one of the tastiest fruits. The edible part of litchi is called an aril. There are three types of litchi in this world.



Persimmon is a fruit is a climacteric fruit with little acidity and primarily sweet taste. If you want to know all about Persimmon in detail we have a separate article on it. Read from here:- Persimmon.

46. Peach


Peaches are grown in a temperate climate. They have a medium-sized tree. The fruit is a drupe.


47. Mandarin


Mandarin is a citrus fruit that is also rich in vitamin C. Many people tell that the English name of the Mandarin tree is Orange. But, That’s wrong, Orange is larger and is difficult to peel in compared to Mandarin.


Avocado Tree

It is dark green fruit with a large pit and seed inside. They have a creamy texture and are also known as alligator pear.

49.Custard Apple

Custard Apple

Custard apple is a fruit of decidious region. It has different shaped fruit and has a creamy texture.


Jamun Tree

Jamun is a tropical fruit that produces lots of black flavourful fruits. This fruit is good for diabetic patients.


Final Verdict

Thus – These were the 50 Trees name in english. We haven’t included small shrub fruits like Pineapple. We do have detailed guide on Pineapple Farming from which you can learn many things.

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