Litchi Farming-Climate, Soil, Fertilizers And Income

Litchi Farming

Litchi is a small round fruit covered by thick red coloured bark.
It is one of most loved fruit all  over the world. People are highly attracted towards litchi farming because of its large profit.
Many people are wishing to do litchi farming but they do not have all information on it.
Litchi Farming-Climate, Soil, Fertilizers And Income
Litchi Farming
In this blog we are going to guide you on Litchi Farming-Climate, Soil, Fertilizers And Income.


    Growth and devlopment of litchi is good in little hot and humid climate. But, the climate shouldn’t be too hot or too cold.

    Litchi cultivation can be done at an altitude of 1000m height from sea level and rainfall level should be (75-125)cm per year.
    The optimum temperature requirement for litchi farming is (15-28)°C.

    Variety Selection

    Selection of good variety is crucial step in litchi farming because it will determine our ultimate profit.

    We should selected those varieties which are best suited for our climate and which give very good production.
    We have listed some varieties of litchi which are very good for commercial production:-

    Land Selection

    The soil test of  land in which you are going to do litchi farming is very important and primary task.

    Soil testing helps us to know about nutrient availability in soil, pH, Soil texture and many more.
    After soil testing, the deficient things should be added and land preparation should be done.


    The pH of soil should be (5.5-7.0). Sandy soil rich in organic matter and microorganisms with good drainge facility is best for litchi farming.

    Breeding And Reproduction

    We can grow litchi from seeds, cuttings and air layering. It takes long time to give fruit if we start from seed.
    The best method for litchi farming is air layering. The vegetative phase of litchi is already passed in air layering and we can get our harvest much more faster.

    Layout And Preparation Of land

    We should decide the layout of our litchi orchard. We can plant litchi in square and rectangle layout.
    After doing, layout of orchard for litchi we need to make pits to plant litchi.
    Pit digging should be done prior to planting time i.e in April to May.
    Pit should should be 90cm wide and 90cm in depth.
    These pits should be left open for (30-35) days. Sunlight will kill harmful organisms in pit.
    After 1 rainfall-(15-20)kg animal manure, 10Kg Soil, 50gm aldrine, 2kg lime should be mixed and fill the pit.

    Plantation Of Litchi

    We can plant litchi from August to September. We can also start litchi farming in
    March also.
    We should make holes in centre of pits filled with soil and maure  and plantation of litchi should be done.
    It is good to do plantation at evening time. After plantation little irrigation should be done.


    During initial days of plantation, irrigation should be done on every 2 days. After they attain some height, irrigation can be stopped.

    Too much irrigation shoud not be done. Irrigation should be done for (2-3) times after they grow and before they starts fruiting.

    Irrigation will helps to reduce cracking problem of litchi .

    Use Of fertilizers

    After flowering and before fruiting i.e when the litchi is size of mustrad  size we should spray 3gm sulphur dissolved in 1litre of water. It acts as insecticides and increases temperature and our fruiting increases.
    When the litchi are size of peas we should apply boron in soil. 3Gm borates mixed with 1  litre water should be applied. This will end the problem of fruit dropping and fruit cracking.


    Flowering of litchi starts in february after (5-6) years of plantation. The optimum production of litchi is obtained after 12 years and give production up to 100 years.

    We should harvest litchi after they become little red. We should harvest them along with stalk of length (20-25)cm.
    We can harvest about (1.5-3) quintal litchi from one tree. We can harvest (150-300) quintal litchi from an area of 1 acre.


    We should try to sell litchi in fresh condition. If we can’t sell, then we can store them.

    We can store litchi at the temperature of (4.4-6.1)°c with 90% relative humidity.

    Care And Management

    We should do weeding of unnecessary weeds. Weeds can cause problem and compete with plant to obtain nutrients and they attract some insects which may hamper our litchi tree.
    Training and pruning should be done to make proper shape of plant and to make plant strong.
    This is whole information on Litchi Farming-Climate, Soil, Fertilizers And Income.
    If you have any suggestions do let us know in comments.

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