Seedless Strawberries

Strawberry is one of the world’s most loved small pulpy fruits. As the 21st century progresses, its popularity is increasing. Many people enjoy eating it. However, some complain about its seeds being prickly. For this reason, the demand for seedless strawberries has grown. The question is, do seedless strawberries exist? Unfortunately, no. It is not possible to grow seeds-free strawberries. To produce so-called seedless strawberries, different processes are employed to remove the seeds manually.

A mature ripened ovule is a seed, and an ovary is a fruit. Strawberries have seeds on their outer skin. People often mistakenly believe the outer small bits are seeds. However, the small yellow seeds you see on the surface are individual fruits called achenes, and the red flesh pulp is swollen receptacle tissue. Each strawberry contains around 200 achenes. Inside achenes is actual seed.

Seedless Strawberries

Actually, Seedless fruits are developed using advanced techniques like Mutation and Hybridization. The seedless banana is also the result of Hybridization (Autopolyploid). However, this process cannot be applied in strawberries and thus we haven’t natural strawberries without seeds yet.

Where To Buy Seedless Strawberries?

Even though there are no real seedless- strawberries, there are several people and websites such as Alibaba that sell artificially prepared strawberries without seeds. They are just normal strawberries with their seeds removed manually. To get seedless strawberries without spending much money, you should remove the seeds yourself. The following are some ways to do so:-

1. Freezing Method

Take normal strawberries and place them in an ice tray.

Freeze the strawberries for about 40 min and take them out.

Take a knife and gently scrape the surface. The seeds will get separated from the fruit and you get seedless strawberries.

The purpose of freezing is that, Freezing makes the pulp hard which makes it easy to remove the seeds without damaging the fruit.

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2. Use Of Toothpick

Toothpick has multiple uses and when it comes to getting seedless strawberry, It is remarkable. Here are the steps of doing it:-

Take a strawberry and remove seeds with toothpick poking gently.

The toothpick should be sharp.

Don’t apply too much force, otherwise the pulp may come out and you lose a big chunk of your favourite fruit.

3. Using Knife To Peel

This is another method to get seedless Strawberries. What you have to do is, Just peel off the outer skin with the help of a sharp knife. With outer peel, the seeds also gets removed.

These are the best two methods of getting seedless fruit. Some other methods include using the hot chocolate and removal of the outer skin with the help of a knife.

Purpose Of Seedless Strawberries

Seeds of the strawberries are prickly which aren’t liked by many people.

After the removal of seeds, Fruit can be stored for a long period of time.

The removed seeds can be used for germination to produce new strawberry plants.


Strawberries without seeds are a myth or you can say a fad. No plant breeders or scientists have been able to produce it. It is recommended to eat the fruit in its natural state. However, If you are really up to getting seedless strawberries, You can follow the methods mentioned above.

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